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§ Altirra 2.10 released

I'll keep this one brief: version 2.10 of my emulator Altirra is now out. Have fun!


Comments posted:

thanks for the update, Avery!
We have been wanting this new version.
I hope the emulator will continue to thrive and we will see many more interesting things.
for example, save states, or access to settings in the full-screen mode ;)

in any case, thanks for the excellent work, I will always continue to try to help the development of the project.

and yes, the new version came out just in time for my birthday.

breaker - 13 08 12 - 14:57

Thanks Avery and happy birthday sergey..

Mclane - 13 08 12 - 18:59

Thanks for the greatest emulator Avery. The debugger is simply stunning and saves me a ton of time. It seems I learn something new about this wonderful software every day.

flashjazzcat - 13 08 12 - 23:14

Your emulator?

As in: It emulates you? WOW! This is the best software in human history! To have your own software that emulates Avri.

Ill make him write a VirtualDub fork for Linux, using FFmpeg and GTK+.

(Seriously, thought, Im sorry for the bad humour!)

zamb - 14 08 12 - 09:03

Really bad humour sense, and bad at names.

Kindly, correct the spelling of your name, Avery, in my first post, and delete this one.

Thank you.

zamb - 14 08 12 - 09:07

Zamb, leave those beers alone ;)

Avery probably could write an epic AI emulator :)

Mclane - 14 08 12 - 20:27

Nice. Such an awesome Atari emulator - it's the very Best in my opinion.

Avanze - 14 08 12 - 23:34

And gets better every time..

Avery listens to me and Breaker etc moan on about asking for this and that but he actually adds them it he likes them, can't ask for more than that.

Mclane - 15 08 12 - 00:09

* Fixes sharp bilinear on old Intel chips (or specifically, anything requiring pow2 textures).
* R: device fix for AUX1 bit 0 on open
* New way of rendering the UI overlays that allows native resolution rendering
* Debugger allows shift+hover over display to get beam positions

Phaeron - 17 08 12 - 12:58

Many thanks Avery..Always appreciated!

Mclane - 17 08 12 - 19:02

Altirra 2.2 test 2

features added:
MyIDE II emulation support.

bugs fixed:
ANTIC: Fixed regression with the first byte in a wide scanline occasionally being decoded before being fetched.
Debugger: Fixed debug reads not seeing some partially overlaid memory layers.
Debugger: Fixed memory leak when an error occurs during expression parsing.

thanks for update, Avery :)

I found a bug in the new build emulator.
if in the emulator folder throw configuration file "Altirra.ini" emulator startup will fail and close.
attached screenshot error and minidump.

breaker - 19 08 12 - 15:47

"MyIDE II emulation support"

What is MyIDE II? A newer version of the BIOS like MySIDE_altirra.rom 4.7?

BergerH - 20 08 12 - 18:28

BergerH, I myself have no idea, I presume its an updated rom but I've not found anything from a search as yet.

Mclane - 21 08 12 - 22:51

Thanks for your answer, Mclane.

BergerH - 23 08 12 - 07:37

MyIDE II is experimental hardware.

Portable mode fix, fix for some ROM images getting mixed up in the new UI, a couple of fixes for DOS 2 disks in the Disk Explorer, and partial save state file support. Be warned that the save state support is still not stable, though -- it doesn't do enough checks, so you can cause the emulator to malfunction or crash if you load save states into the wrong version or with radically different configurations. Currently it only checks whether the kernel ROM matches.

Phaeron - 23 08 12 - 18:39

Thank you Avery.
I have long waited for the save in the emulator.
at first sight saving work just fine.
will test if I find a mistake - accomplish your goal.
I just can not express in words my gratitude, Avery you great man, thank you for the best emulator of Atari.

One question, where to get the BIOS (ROM) file for MyIDE?

breaker - 23 08 12 - 19:27

Avery, I would like to make a few comments related to conservation:

1) please do so that the names of the default save had the numbers (01, 02, 03 ... etc).

2) when I'm loading a save in the dialog box says "Load save state".
but when I do save the game in the dialog box also says "Load save state".
please correct the inscription.

breaker - 23 08 12 - 21:40

Another good spot Sergey...

Save states, you must be smiling now :)

Like I am :)

Mclane - 24 08 12 - 04:54

features added:

Input: Input map editor now shows more specific button and axis labels.

Bugs fixed:

Input: Extended paddle and tablet range to 0-228.
Input: Tablet stylus is now always touching the tablet when the raise stylus input (button 4) is unbound.

Thanks for update, Avery ;)

breaker - 01 09 12 - 18:50

found a very interesting bug, do not want to run the two-disc version of the demo "Numen".
single-disc version works fine.
attached video:

breaker - 06 09 12 - 16:12

Hmm, two-disk Numen worked for me -- PAL 320K Rambo mode.

Has the MyIDE 4.10 fix and rewritten keyboard/menu code. Option | Keyboard Shortcuts now allows you to rebind the command-based keys on the keyboard. Currently, this is all of them except the ones that correspond to Atari keys (F2:Start, F3:Select, F4:Option, F6:Help, F7:Break); these still cannot be reassigned yet although you can override them. You can bind to any command on the menu. For instance, binding Display:F7 to System.ToggleWarpSpeed will get A8WP-style speed toggling. The framework is also in place to allow the menu to be edited although there is currently no UI for doing so.

I had to redo the menus from scratch, so it's possible I might have broken some commands. If some of the items don't work or don't highlight correctly, let me know so I can fix them up.

Phaeron - 06 09 12 - 19:33

great update, Avery.
I tried several different combinations of keys - yet no errors noticed.
Thank you.

I certainly understand how we are you fed up with endless requests, but ...
Can I ask one small upgrade?
Please add in the following editions emulator sound recording in wav, I want it badly.

breaker - 06 09 12 - 19:55

I'm sure Sergey will find any bugs, he's like a terrier when it comes to sniffing them out :)

Thanks for the update.

Mclane - 06 09 12 - 22:58

Hey sergey, how are you?

Altirra is looking brilliant isn't it, all the things we asked about are on it or most likely will and its just superb.

I know you think I moan a lot but in the end the Big Chief Phaeron looks after us very well indeed.

Hows Omsk treating you?

Mclane - 10 09 12 - 22:13

Quiet around here... ;)

Avanze - 27 09 12 - 01:12

I suppose I should put the link to the latest version here from Atari Age, fixes for the flasher side of the Ulimate1MB emulation.

Mclane - 28 09 12 - 00:50

Altirra 2.10 & 800XL Discrepancy...

...It's been some time, already. since I first noticed this, but... when loading Turbo Basic XL 1.5 (on 800XL + Ultimate1MB + SDX 4.45 + Nuxx Drive), I can see the whole screen flashing, at high-speed, back-and-forth, between TBASIC's intro-message and a strange character (filling up the entire screen).

Now, when doing this on Altirra 2.10 (release), loaded with SDX 8Mb cart image, and 16MByte disk image formatted with SDX, when loading TBASIC I can see the actual flash but ONLY over TBASIC's intro-text, and nothing else accross the screen.

There is absolutely no disruption or problem when running TBasic on Altirra, but I can see a difference there between the real thing, consistently, and always looking the exact same way.

It may be worth investigating, just for the sake of Altirra's own (and already high) level of refinement and perfection.

Kudos for such solid and comprehensive tool!

Faicuai - 29 09 12 - 09:12

Sorry, been up to some other things.

Here's a slightly updated version:

Nothing big here, some tweaks to the debugger and a placeholder U1MB BIOS. It provides just enough OS functionality to run a U1MB flasher disk. You still need to configure the hardware settings juuust right to get U1MB to work, which I need to fix.

Not sure about the TBXL flash, but one thing that comes to mind is that U1MB is static RAM, and therefore will have different uninitialized data in extended RAM compared to a stock 130XE.

Phaeron - 02 10 12 - 17:40

I suggested to add adjustable scanline to Atirra just like Stella's adjustable scanline. If I set to 25% scanline then every second lines will output full color while every other second lines will output 75% brightness. If I set to 50% scanline then every second lines will output full color while every other second lines will output 50% brightness.

Daniel - 03 10 12 - 16:11

yes, I too would like that.
Avery, if you are not hard to please.

breaker - 04 10 12 - 01:33

Would be nice if possible..

Mclane - 04 10 12 - 03:35

New Version from Phaeron fixing H: file load issue.

Mclane - 09 10 12 - 19:10

In case anyone is wondering where I got the release info from, its on the AtariAge forums

Avery / Phaeron often updates Altirra on there due to peoples bug reports. I just find the updates and post them on the blog to spread the word. ie Altirra is NOTHING to do with me bar I send in bug reports like every one else.

I could not code my way out of a paper bag :)

Mclane - 09 10 12 - 19:19

Well, I for one, appreciate you posting the updates here, Mclane.

Avanze - 09 10 12 - 23:14

Thank you, I echo the same thanks to Breaker who also posts it to here..

Mclane - 10 10 12 - 04:23

Hmm, with the Altirra-2.20-test8 version Im no more able to boot my harddisk image by using SIDE. :(
With the previous versions I have no problems.
Here my ini file.

Thank you.


BergerH - 10 10 12 - 05:51

Sorry, there was a change to SIDE hidden in the U1MB fixes. While investigating flashing issues I discovered that there was a bug in the flash chip emulation code, which was emulating an Am29F040 instead of an Am29F040B. These two chips report the same ID but differ in which address lines are validated for the unlock sequence. Fixing this allowed me to implement the "top cartridge" functionality of SIDE, which previously had been omitted. However, a side effect of doing this is that I had to unreverse the bank order which I had previously made backwards to get the flasher to work. You should still be able to get it to work, but you will need to reflash the virtual flash chip so an image file is produced in the correct order.

On the good side, this also means that the SDX enable/disable switch and the menu button are now implemented. They're both in the System | Console Switches menu. The menu button simply resets the banking on the SIDE cartridge to power-on default so the menu appears again.

Phaeron - 10 10 12 - 19:21

Thanks Phaeron for you great help, it works now.
I still not know which ROM I can add for using the MyIDE II as experimental hardware. No any documentation exist about it.

BergerH - 11 10 12 - 00:34

I have a similar problem with the test8 version like BergerH. Maybe Im doing something wrong.
If I flash all 31 banks and NOT restart the emulation, I have access to my harddisk image.
If I make a restart, I lost all and have to repeat the same procedure.

Here the screenshot (animated GIF):


AnnaWu - 11 10 12 - 04:41


Hi there, I've struggled to get the SIDE using a HD image working 100%, I can make the img etc but I'm sort of in the dark, would you be really kind and do a text tutorial about setting up a HD image and how to fill it. You don't have go into infinite detail like "go to disk images and load xyz.atr"

Just the steps and what software is used would be great if you didn't mind.

People were saying about using a Flash card which I don't have and copying stuff to that and then on to the HD, surely there's a more straight forward way that does not need a flash card?

Whatever the answer, thanks..

Mclane - 11 10 12 - 22:01

Im not a Atari 8-bit expert, maybe not all steps are 100% correct, so please forgive me.
Mclane, I uploaded following things:

1.) Screenshots about each step (Altirra_SIDE.gif = animated GIF)
2.) Blank Harddisk image (20MB/615,4,16)
3.) MyIDE_APT_toolkit.atr which contains FDISK
4.) The SIDE (SDX445).rom Firmware

Dont forget to build a directory by using the SpartaDOS Formatter.
Otherwise you cant transfer files.

PS: For the demonstration I was using the test version 7 of Altirra because I have still problems with version 8 (see my previous posting).

AnnaWu - 12 10 12 - 21:46

Thank you so much Anna, all done and working thanks to you kind help.

Now what rubbish will I fill it up with :)

Mclane - 13 10 12 - 02:57

test9 is here:


* UI: Drag-and-drop from compressed folders in Explorer is now supported.

Artifex Maximus - 15 10 12 - 23:05

Nicely done..

Mclane - 16 10 12 - 00:08

As I can't see a web source for the above release I presume its from Phaerons folder, therefore its worth pointing out that it may be a work in progress of a work in progress ie unfinished. Phaeron does not mind people grabbing them but has said in the past that they may not be finished.

Just saying..

Mclane - 16 10 12 - 00:22

UI: Drag-and-drop from compressed folders in Explorer is now supported.

Trying to work out what that means, I thought it meant you could drop zips onto the disk explorer window but no.


Mclane - 16 10 12 - 04:32

Sorry, I posted that pretty late so I didn't have time to drop a note here. It also contains a fix for a regression in the original MyIDE emulation (I don't include notes in the official changelist for regressions within a test release series).

The drag-and-drop change pertains to dragging from a .zip folder in Windows Explorer to load or boot an image. You could copy from those sources into the Disk Explorer but you couldn't drag them into the main window. This is because the .zip folder produces a virtual file rather than an actual file. 2.20 test-9 is now able to mount such virtual files. These will show up as blue in the disk UI when unmodified. This support will likely also help with other archive programs such as 7-Zip and WinRAR, but I haven't tested any of those yet.

Phaeron - 16 10 12 - 16:16

This version has fixes to the new drag-drop code -- it can now handle a drag from a disk explorer in another instance. Turns out I had the same bug with lIndex as I did when I wrote the disk explorer. It also didn't help that Visual Studio locked up consistently trying to debug the problem. *sigh*

Phaeron - 16 10 12 - 18:16

Thanks for the quick answer & fix

Mclane - 16 10 12 - 20:48

Phaeron, it will be nice if you can tell me a fix or solution for my SIDE flash problem which exist since the test version 8.
As I said, if I flash all 31 banks the SIDE driver and partition is available.
If I make a cold start I lost all. To save the firmware (SIDE Main Flash) is not helpful in this case.



AnnaWu - 17 10 12 - 02:25

Oki, the new test-9 version solved my problem, thanks.


AnnaWu - 31 10 12 - 06:46

new build coming, or no ?

breaker - 03 11 12 - 03:16

"new build coming, or no ?"


AnnaWu - 04 11 12 - 05:45

Anna, I can afflict you.
It is the old version of the emulator altirra.
On a file date and the control sum are clearly visible.
Files are identical.

breaker - 04 11 12 - 14:24

Here's a new build:

The main change is that it has a redesigned rendering system for the HUD which allows the on-screen display indicators to render at full resolution and with native fonts. This gives better quality text and also allows for localization. FPS is also now displayed in full screen mode. The font is currently hardcoded although I plan to make it configurable. Let me know if you see indicators that have stopped working.

Phaeron - 05 11 12 - 15:58

The new video-mode "direct 3d 11 experemental" does not work!
At transition in an is full-screen mode the picture stops, and the sound works.

breaker - 06 11 12 - 00:52

Direct3D 11 mode isn't finished yet -- that's why I marked it as experimental.

Phaeron - 06 11 12 - 17:24

There are test12 and test13. Here is the links for test13:

Artifex Maximus - 17 11 12 - 23:57

Thank you, captain obvious.

sir - 18 11 12 - 03:22

For the curious the changes between test11 and test13:

* UI: Shift-hover over a BASIC or DOS error message now displays error help.
* Debugger: e (enter) command now accepts extended addresses.
* Debugger: .map command now displays layer names.
* Debugger: bs (break on sector) command now accepts expressions.
* IDE: Selecting a physical disk now updates the CHS mapping.
* IDE: Fixed-size .VHD images can now be mounted.

bugs fixed:
* Cartridge: Re-added missing 512K detection size for SIC! cartridges.
* UI: Tabs now paste properly.

Artifex Maximus - 18 11 12 - 05:57

Not really done yet, but I wanted to show why I've been doing such heavy rework on the display code lately. This version adds the beginnings of a full-screen menu, which you can get to by moving the mouse to the top of the screen. It's got some bugs and choosing any option that pops up a dialog will pop you back out of full screen mode, but you can choose all of the toggle and radio options. I figure that this combined with a file chooser will make full screen mode a lot more usable. Fonts are currently hardcoded, although I plan to make that more adaptable. Let me know if those of you in different languages see problems -- the text code should handle Unicode, but I haven't tested it with characters that have diacritics.

Phaeron - 19 11 12 - 18:37

Avery, many thanks to you for the done work!
Truly, there is no limit to perfection.
Looks very well.
But irritates that that at a choice of various options a little, the emulator is switched in a window mode.

I have a question, correctly work (apply screen permissions) video modes - OpenGL and Directdraw?

I unfortunately now am literally filled up by work and study, and I will be released only on Saturday and Sunday then I will check the emulator more in detail.

again, Thank you Avery for excellent work.

breaker - 20 11 12 - 00:55

Avery, here still problems and questions:

1) in video mode (OpenGL and Directdraw) if I choose "custom resolution" the emulator all leave the permission as at a desktop (does not change).
Whether you plan it to correct?

2) if to choose a control mean using (the mouse, the trackball, a light pistol... etc) I cannot get to options from an is full-screen mode.

3) here two pictures of the screen, the first is made of a mode of the window, the second picture is made from полноэкранного a mode.
Question - why in the second case are not displayed настроеные control means?

screenshot #1
screenshot #2

breaker - 20 11 12 - 01:47

From what Phaeron said, this is just a half finished preview with issues with the dialogue boxes etc, still looking very nice though.

Mclane - 20 11 12 - 03:33

Here's an updated version:

The most recently used (MRU) list and the input mode menus now show up in full screen mode, and the font rendering should now handle international characters better. Direct3D 11 full screen mode now partially works although it will still screw up if another window appears on top (DXGI limitation).

Now, answers to questions:

OpenGL/DirectDraw full screen mode: Currently, no plans to support this for DirectDraw as it is outdated and emulated on Windows Vista and above. OpenGL possibly, but it is low priority as Direct3D 9 mode is superior. (OpenGL mode is really only supported just because it was already there in the code.)

Falling out of full-screen mode when a dialog appears: This is intentional. The dialogs are Windows UI based and cannot display in full screen mode where I am drawing custom UI. It's too much work to try to convert everything over, but I do at least intend to support a full-screen mode file selector. The standard Windows dialogs cannot and will never be supported in full screen mode due to OS limitations.

Phaeron - 26 11 12 - 17:59

Hi Avery, thanks for the update and answering about the future of the display system.

On a fun note, would you ever consider adding a sprite, background and font rippers, many emulators have them or add ons with the ability to do this bar the Atari. For those who are not display list knowledgeable or know how to use a monitor to find the sprite and font pointers and then display the memory it would be a 'fun' addition, people like making sprite avatars etc.

Even if its just a easy to use command in the debugger, ie Sprite Search, result, pointers found 1C00, Display sprite 1C00

Font and Background the same, with a save data for them for the beginner coder to use in their own stuff.

As I say, I'm just asking if you would consider it, if it never happens then fine, you are the boss and I appreciate your time. Just one to add or not to the list of things people have asked for over time.



Mclane - 26 11 12 - 20:19

When you are told a hernia op is straight forward then don't believe them, what should have been a 4pm finish after a 7:30am start turn into 2 days of total agony with me on a Morphine self delivery pump.

Now I ache and am in agony in bits I did not know could ache.

Altirra is the last thing on my mind at the moment :) Owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

Mclane - 01 12 12 - 04:44

Avery, in the beta 16, I noticed a mistake.
ignored work options "Disk Drive ---> SIO patch" and "Firmware ---> Fast boot".
work slowly, as if these options are disabled.

breaker - 03 12 12 - 01:02

I had issues with com files not working etc in that beta 16, think its very unfinished.

Mclane - 03 12 12 - 03:56

That's why I didn't post it. :)

Test-16 had new code for detecting in Ultimate1MB mode whether a real OS had been activated and to suppress the emulator hooks otherwise. There was a bug in that code that caused the hooks to be disabled too often, which I fixed in test-17.

Phaeron - 03 12 12 - 16:07

But is 17 ok to download and use otherwise :)

Mclane - 03 12 12 - 23:46

thanks :)

breaker - 04 12 12 - 00:55

avery, what new ?

breaker - 05 12 12 - 21:07

ups :)

breaker - 05 12 12 - 21:08

Phaeron is really spoiling us here. I, as well as the other members here, are very glad to have such a great emulator, for free. Phaeron, your hard work is much appreciated.

Avanze - 05 12 12 - 23:31

Yup, one of my most favourite emulators I use, brilliant work from the man...

To quote Wayne's world "We're noth worthy"...Schwinggggggggggggggggg

Mclane - 06 12 12 - 05:00

and another update.
Avery, thank you!

breaker - 06 12 12 - 23:57

Beta test 21 is up.

Avanze - 11 12 12 - 10:38

breaker - 11 12 12 - 20:48

And the update text for beta 22.

How come you didn't post it sergey, not like you?

Folder mounting changes: now supports hot update, handles zero-byte files correctly, hidden files are now ignored, sector rotational timings are fixed, and booting is now supported. If you place a 384 byte file called $dosboot.bin containing standard DOS 2 boot sectors in the folder along with DOS.SYS, Altirra will update the boot sector with the correct sector link so that DOS can boot. VTOCFIX will now also pass on the virtual disk image as long as all the files fit, except for the VTOC not reporting free sectors.

BTW, if anyone's interested, the code for all of this is in the diskvirtimage.cpp file.

I need to rethink the disk UI, as it's got so much weird stuff in it that it now looks more like a sliding puzzle toy than a dialog....

Mclane - 11 12 12 - 20:54

The update text is by Phaeron, all I'm doing is c&ping from AtariAge where the beta was posted.

Mclane - 11 12 12 - 20:57

Phaeron, someone sent me this Arkanoid cas image, can't get it to work, is it a bad dump?

Would you mind having a look when you have time please?

Mclane - 12 12 12 - 01:20

This .cas image uses A8CAS format extensions -- you can't read it with a standard emu.

Phaeron - 16 12 12 - 15:14

Further details, Mclane;

Avanze - 16 12 12 - 18:54

Cheers to the both of you

Mclane - 16 12 12 - 21:33

Update from Atari Age re 5200 Glactic Chase not working bug report.

Phaeron replied

Was missing address mirroring for 5200 8K cartridge type (8K cart initing at $8000 instead of $A000). Fixed:

Mclane - 16 12 12 - 22:10

Are they going to integrate into the emulator option to record cassette?

nsonic - 19 12 12 - 09:21

found a small bug in the interface emulator, see the screenshot:

Avery, I beg you, please add to the association file - extension "*. Altstate".
and yes, I too am looking forward sound recording to wav files.
can you make us a gift for the new year :)

breaker - 19 12 12 - 15:43

It would be a nice Christmas present. The cassette can record in the emulator.

nsonic - 20 12 12 - 22:24

Just wishing all on here happy Xmas or Happy Holidays depending on your faith.

Either way have a great time enjoying yourselves.

Mclane - 21 12 12 - 02:38

Cheer up, its almost Xmas!!!

Mclane - 24 12 12 - 03:34

Merry Christmas to all and have a great time with your loved ones. Greetings from Santiago, Chile.

nsonic - 25 12 12 - 02:16

Merry Christmas to all!
I wish you all happiness and good luck.
Best wishes from Russia.

uh ....
where's my gift?

breaker - 25 12 12 - 03:48

Happy Winter-een-mas to all. :)

Not quite at the point where I want to do a release, but here's a teaser in the meantime:

The visual bug in the disk dialog has been corrected.

I've been doing a lot of work on the built-in OSes. The LLE BIOS has been split into OS-B/XL compatible forms and now has a much more functional screen editor; it should now run about as much software as the HLE BIOS. For an extra feature, run the HLE or LLE-XL BIOS with BASIC disabled and no disks.

Regarding tape recording: no for 2.20, it'll take too long and hold up the release. I also have additional work on tape _reading_ that I'd like to do first.

Phaeron - 27 12 12 - 12:10

2.20 test 25.

Thanks for the update, Avery :)

breaker - 27 12 12 - 17:08

Avery, I have a good idea.
if you can make access to the full screen mode settings a bit better?
for this you can add the "forced full-screen mode."
If this option is enabled, the emulator will automatically switch to full screen mode after closing any dialog box settings.
if this option is disabled then the emulator will run as usual.
you like this idea?

breaker - 27 12 12 - 19:10

Sounds like a great idea..Nice one Sergey.

Mclane - 28 12 12 - 00:05

Thanks, Paul.
I hope this time Avery did not ignore me.

breaker - 28 12 12 - 00:31

I don't know what he will do but its such a good idea I would imagine he would add it if its possible.


And at least Nsonic knows Avery is thinking about the tape bits maybe at some point..

Mclane - 28 12 12 - 01:29

I'm off out soon. Just finishing what's left of my White Russian. So I'll bid thee a Happy New Year, to one and all.

Avanze - 31 12 12 - 06:56

altirra 2.2 test 26.

thanks for update.

breaker - 01 01 13 - 15:46

Oops, forgot to mention that. It has an emulation fix for a bug that was causing Spindizzy to sometimes fail on start, and some more LLE/HLE kernel fixes (Timewise, DOS 2.5 ramdisk, Pacem in Terris, Cross-Town Crazy Eight, Asteroids emulator). I've also improved the light pen/gun support so you can tell what the button bindings are and so that the cursor changes when the pen/gun is aimed away from the screen.

This is basically the 2.20 release candidate, btw. I'm listening to suggestions, but shunting the changes to the branch for the next version.

Phaeron - 01 01 13 - 16:13

What about Breakers auto full screen idea from a few posts up?

One less place to click for FS.

Whatever the answer 2.2 has been a massive update all around..Cheers.

Mclane - 01 01 13 - 22:29

I'm using Altirra test25 and attempting to load omnimonxl for the 'other' firmware. I get test screen after boot. Using the key sequence to bring up OmnimonXL does not work. Has anyone been successful using Omnimon? Tks


ron fucci - 04 01 13 - 02:05

if I simply replace the xl rom with the omnimonxl rom it works

ron fucci - 04 01 13 - 15:05

Works here under beta 26...

Have you set it to other under system/firmware?

Mclane - 04 01 13 - 21:34

I tried using 'other' first time with no luck. I'll try again with beta 26. tks

ron fucci - 05 01 13 - 08:53

No probs, deffo works here Ron...

You instantly know if its ok by the darker screen but I also checked the usual 'jump in' keys as well.

Mclane - 05 01 13 - 20:36

Altirra 2.20 final - released !
Thanks for the excellent work and a gift for Christmas.


Version 2.20 [January 6, 2013]:
features added
UI: Overlays are now rendered through composition at native resolution instead of simulated resolution.
UI: Text can now be copied out when the simulation is stopped.
UI: Keyboard shortcuts are now configurable.
UI: Drag-and-drop from compressed folders in Explorer is now supported.
UI: Shift-hover over a BASIC or DOS error message now displays error help.
UI: Mouse cursor changes when light pen/gun is moved on and off the virtual screen.
Debugger: Holding SHIFT with the mouse over the display pane now shows the beam coordinates for that point.
Debugger: Added .pbi and .ultimate1mb commands.
Debugger: Extended many commands to accept expressions for address and length arguments.
Debugger: The default numeric base for addresses can now be changed (.base).
Debugger: Added extended memory bank variable to expression parser.
Debugger: Symbols using reserved expression operator names can now be escaped with #.
Debugger: e (enter) command now accepts extended addresses.
Debugger: .map command now displays layer names.
Debugger: bs (break on sector) command now accepts expressions.
Debugger: Added .ide_rdsec and .ide_wrsec commands.
Debugger: Added .diskdumpsec command.
Debugger: Added deref signed word (dsw) operator.
Debugger: .tracecio gives more detailed output.
Disk: Added option to format new disks with a DOS 2 filesystem.
Disk: Folders can now be mounted as virtual DOS 2 disk images.
MyIDE II emulation support.
Ultimate1MB emulation support.
Save states: Initial support for external save state files.
SIDE: Implemented top cartridge register and un-reversed image order.
Input: Input map editor now shows more specific button and axis labels.
IDE: Selecting a physical disk now updates the CHS mapping.
IDE: Fixed-size and dynamic .VHD images can now be mounted.
HLE/LLE: Added boot screen.

bugs fixed
ANTIC: Fixed regression with the first byte in a wide scanline occasionally being decoded before being fetched.
ANTIC: Fixed display list pointer corruption when a jump instruction executes across vertical blank (fixes Spindizzy load).
Serial: Fixed R: not going into concurrent mode on open with AUX1 bit 0 set.
Cartridge: Re-added missing 512K detection size for SIC! cartridges.
Cartridge: 5200 4K/8K/16K cartridges now mirror to the full 32K region.
Display: Fixed offset on display in sharp bilinear mode on downlevel graphics cards.
Debugger: Fixed debug reads not seeing some partially overlaid memory layers.
Debugger: Fixed memory leak when an error occurs during expression parsing.
Debugger: Fixed 'value' operator returning incorrect value when used in a range write breakpoint conditional expression.
Debugger: Debug display now displays IR modes 8-10 correctly.
Debugger: Fixed history pane bugs with stack wrapping and with the scroll bar being flaky after a clear.
Disk: Fixed writes being gated by rotational timing even if accurate sector timing was turned off.
Disk Explorer: Fixed file deletion on DOS 2 volumes to not leave orphaned directory entries.
Disk Explorer: DOS 2 validator now allows both DOS 2 719 sector and MyDOS 720 sector VTOCs.
Disk Explorer: Fixed crash with large MyDOS file systems.
Display: Fixed text highlighting in "OS Display" overscan mode.
HDevice: Get Bytes command now returns $03 status code on impending EOF (fixes BLOAD from Turbo Basic XL).
HLE: Fixed off-by-one handling of RMARGN in screen editor.
HLE: Fixed some errors in updating LOGCOL on vertical cursor movement.
HLE: Fixed crash when disk boot sector signals a boot error (C=1).
HLE: Added missing international font.
HLE: Fixed many compatibility issues.
Input: Extended paddle and tablet range to 0-228.
Input: Tablet stylus is now always touching the tablet when the raise stylus input (button 4) is unbound.
Input: The "warm reset" input of the console controller was issuing a cold reset.
LLE: Improved display editor.
LLE: Fixed many compatibility issues.
Flash: Multiple sector erase commands are now supported.
Flash: Fixed Am29F040B flash to only validate A0-A10 for commands (the Am29F040 is the one that does A0-A14).
POKEY: Attempting to use synchronous clocking mode during serial input now produces framing errors.
UI: Tabs now paste properly.
UI: Non-ASCII characters are now saved correctly into the Altirra.ini file in portable mode.

breaker - 06 01 13 - 16:39

new beta.
Altirra 2.3 test 1:

features added
Debugger: History pane supports horizontal scrolling and hiding S/P registers.
Debugger: Added .readmem command.
UI: Full-screen mode can now be used when paused.
UI: Added full-screen versions of the Boot Image file browser and emulation error dialog.
UI: Added initial UI bindings for controllers (under the Console controller).
UI: Added on-screen keyboard (activated by UI Option from main screen).
UI: Improved text rendering quality.
VBXE: Updated core support to 1.24, including a/r flag in bit 7 of the MINOR_REVISION register.

bugs fixed
LLE: Fixed system reset NMI handling.

breaker - 07 01 13 - 19:50

found a small bug with the interface emulator.
it is enough to do the following:
When the emulator is in full-screen mode, choose System --->Video --->Adjust colors.

breaker - 07 01 13 - 20:27

From Atari Age and Phaeron:

I think I might have found the crash that fjc was running into... there was a problem in the debugger where the history pane code could overflow the stack. Basically, when I fixed the stack unwrapping code so that it could trace JSR/RTS around the $1FF-$100 boundary, it then caused a problem where crashed 6502 code could nest more deeply than the tree node allocation code could handle. Sigh. Fixed version:

I hadn't intended to push it out yet, but this build also has more work on the LLE kernel, such as full support for PBI devices. It also contains a printer (P:) driver. I had figured that I didn't need one because no one uses it and I didn't emulate the printer device at an SIO anyway, but with my dumb luck I found a game that opens P: even though it doesn't need it... grr.

Mclane - 17 01 13 - 18:55

From Atari Age and Phaeron:

"If I set "Video" to "PAL" or "NTSC" and "No Artifacting" and then go to "Record" and set it up to use no compression the *.AVI file produced doesn't look like the screen at all."

Oops Fixed

Also contains a bunch of compatibility fixes in the LLE kernel. That section in the OS Manual that says that CDTMF3-5 are never modified by the OS except for init and timeout? It's a lie. Spider Quake breaks if that behavior is actually implemented.

Mclane - 30 01 13 - 04:34

I know this isn't a game request thread, but it can't hurt to ask the Atarians here. I'm looking for these few games in cas format. Any help is much appreciated. As always.

Ardy the Aardvark
Boulder Dash IV - The Game
Gauntlet: The Deeper Dungeons
Meltdown at Megalopolis (aka Meltdown)
Silent Service

avanze - 05 02 13 - 07:35

Sorry, none of those here...

Mclane - 05 02 13 - 23:22

I was checking the most recent MESS Atari bios files and noticed one,, which is the Arabic 65XE. My question is, basic_ar.rom with a CRC C899F4D6, which BASIC revision is this?

avanze - 07 02 13 - 08:44

After a bit of research, I think it is a revision C BASIC, although I am not 100% on this because it doesn't boot in Altirra or even MESS for that matter.

avanze - 07 02 13 - 09:35

Altirra 2.3 test 5

features added:
Debugger: Added brief (-b) format to .sio command.

bugs fixed:

Debugger: e (enter) now follows normal expression evaluation rules.
POKEY: Fixed timers 3+4 occasionally not being shut off when switching to asynchronous receive mode.
Serial: SIO emulation level setting is now saved correctly.

breaker - 11 02 13 - 00:56

Altirra 2.3 test 6

This version also has a bunch of other changes:

Fixed some focus issues with the new tab stacking.
A partial fix for a VBXE blitting issue (trying to start a blit when one is already in progress).
A lot of 65C816 fixes -- besides generally better reliability, the emulator should now show compatibility problems due to abs,X and abs,Y addressing wrapping to bank $01. Just so you know, it is really hard to find an answer to questions like "what happens when you do LDA 0,X with X=$FFFF and M=0."
More updates to the LLE OS, including fine scrolling, improved cassette support, type 3 and type 4 device polling, and relocatable handler loading. BTW, I would be interested if anyone knows of actual hardware that used either of the latter two features.
There is now a separate XE hardware mode, and the floating data bus is now emulated in 800 and XE hardware modes. This means the VAPI version of Archon now boots in 800/48K mode, and you can now reproduce the nice artifacts from the XL/XE compatibility thread. I plan to get the IRQ timing and GTIA variations implemented in the XE mode as well.
Added support for Axlon banked memory.

breaker - 18 02 13 - 00:43

Altirra 2.3 test 9

Changes between test6 and test9:

* Cartridge: SIC! cartridges can now be switched between Am29F040B and SST39SF040 flash chip emulation in Options.
* Disk: Folders can now be mounted as virtual disk images using the SpartaDOS file system.
* Display: Normal overscan mode now only shows 224 scanlines in NTSC mode instead of 240.
* Display: Altered full screen resolution selection to allow possibly unsupported modes for better access to 50Hz refresh modes.
* Display: Fixed alignment errors in OS Screen Only mode with extended PAL height enabled.
* Display: Enabled frame skip and reduced latency in full screen vsync mode.
* GTIA: Player/missile size code %%10 can now trigger shifter lockup.
* GTIA: Improved accuracy of mid-shift size changes.
* Display: Fixed alignment errors in OS Screen Only mode with extended PAL height enabled.
* Display: Enabled frame skip and reduced latency in full screen vsync mode.
* GTIA: Player/missile size code %%10 can now trigger shifter lockup.
* GTIA: Improved accuracy of mid-shift size changes.

Artifex Maximus - 09 03 13 - 06:17

Cheers Artifex, been meaning to add the updates but got pulled away..

Mclane - 09 03 13 - 20:07

Altirra 2.3 test 10

No changelog but according to the source code I think there is some PAL mode and Windowed mode bugfix.

Artifex Maximus - 15 03 13 - 01:20

It fixes a bug I found where the screen in PAL was accidentally shortened.

Mclane - 15 03 13 - 20:28

Altirra 2.3 test 11


* Debugger: Added .reload command.
* Debugger: Corrected off-by-one index handling in .unloadsym command.

Artifex Maximus - 19 03 13 - 22:20

Altirra 2.3 test 12


"A small but I think useful feature suggestion - a read/write indicator for IO access to the Host Device(H:)."

There is... it's just broken.

Mclane - 23 03 13 - 05:37

Altirra 2.3 test 13

Bugs fixed:

Debugger: Fixed blowup with memory access breakpoints in GTIA range with VBXE enabled.
Recorder: Minor fixes to compressor.

seen in the change line "Recorder: Minor fixes to compressor." - I thought that at last Avery wrote record audio in wav files, but apparently I was too hasty to draw conclusions.

breaker - 23 03 13 - 16:49

Unlucky Sergey :)

Mclane - 23 03 13 - 20:38

Altirra 2.3 test 15

Changes from test13:

* IDE: Added SIDE 2 support.
* Disk: Status byte 1 bit 5 is now updated after a Write PERCOM Block command.
* Input: Fixed MultiJoy #8 input conflict.

Artifex Maximus - 19 04 13 - 19:33

Any new updates to announce, it seems too quiet.

avanze - 03 05 13 - 05:39

Just a small update :)

All words are (bar this) Phaeron's, I'm just C&Ping from AtariAge..

Altirra 2.30 Final

And the first beta of the 2.40 series..

& Source

The full change list is at the bottom of the page, but here are some highlights:

Many bug fixes to 65C816 emulation. In particular, cross-bank indexing is now emulated, which is a major cause of 65C816-incompatible code that uses only legal 6502 opcodes.
Improved emulation accuracy: player/missile lockup, exact patterns and pattern timing for POKEY noise generators, and 800/XE floating data bus.
Many fixes and improvements to the debugger, including the ability to stack panes.
Major improvements to the built-in LLE OS kernel. In addition to improved compatibility, it now supports XL/XE OS features that are commonly omitted, including the printer and cassette drivers, PBI device support, relocatable peripheral handler support, and type 4 polling.
Improved device emulation support: SIDE 2, Axlon extended memory, VBXE 1.24, and SIC! cartridges with different flash chips.
UI improvements: expanded full-screen UI, more drag-and-drop options, better quality text in on-screen indicators, reduced lag in full-screen modes, and improved support for full-screen modes with true PAL (50Hz) refresh rates.

Now that 2.30 is out, I can now also fully reveal what I've been working on behind the scenes, which is support for emulating abnormal playfield DMA:

That's supposed to be a mode 8 (GRAPHICS 3) line. This is what I've long called the "last big unemulated Atari hardware bug." It's utterly useless except for screwing up your program, but I've seen several people independently hit it while doing various HSCROL tricks since it hasn't shown up in emulation and get stuck trying to figure out what's screwing up their display list. Well, it's time to fix that. To accompany this, I've also uploaded a newer version of my Hardware Manual to the main website with a new section on abnormal playfield DMA, explaining everything I've been able to discover about this bug and how to avoid it.

Thanks to everyone who's provided feedback and welcomed me on this forum as I continue with what is now a very long but still enjoyable nostalgia trip.

Mclane - 17 05 13 - 00:08

If you want to see the new feature in action then

Mclane - 17 05 13 - 00:09

Oh last bit

The updated reference manual referred to in Phaeron's post..A MUST for any programmers and the curious alike.

Mclane - 17 05 13 - 00:12

Three days after the first one there is a second beta for 2.40:


* Cartridge: Added support for .CAR types 53-59 (2K, 4K, right-as-left 8K, right slot 4K, 128-512K SIC!).

Artifex Maximus - 18 05 13 - 03:22

What are these carts?

Obviously the SIC is whatever you want it to be but what games / utils use these other cart types.

Mclane - 19 05 13 - 05:19

Nice update.

Avanze - 20 05 13 - 02:16

Third beta:


* UI: Added workaround for set file associations dialog not appearing on Windows 8.

Artifex Maximus - 27 05 13 - 17:38

Beta 5:


[features added]
* Debugger: Added %e, %f, and %g formats to .printf command.
* MMU: High (65C816) memory can now be adjusted from 0KB-4032KB.

[bugs fixed]
* Debugger: Display float (df) command displays all ten significant digits.
* LLE: Fixes and optimizations to math pack.
* HLE: Fixes to math pack acceleration.
* MMU: Fixed aliasing of high memory banks.
* UI: Fixed ANTIC DMA visualization mode with extended PAL height.

Artifex Maximus - 31 05 13 - 07:03

Just keep the blog up to date...

Every thing after this are Phareons words...Nothing to do with me...
65C816 fixes:

The issue with Alley Cat was that the JMP (abs) instruction was running too fast in 65C816 mode, which caused one of the DLIs to hit HSCROL too early. Interestingly, this means that while this particular build of Alley Cat is 65C816 compatible, it isn't accelerator compatible.


16-bit INX bug fixed... the insn decoder was checking the M bit instead of the X bit:

Mclane - 04 06 13 - 22:17

That was beta 6 & 7 updated above..

Mclane - 04 06 13 - 22:18

2.40 test 8

breaker - 05 06 13 - 19:16

More updates will be?
twenty days no news of interest.

breaker - 24 06 13 - 17:32

Phaerons new update, all copied from Atari Age..

Took a crack at XEP-80 emulation:

Enable in system menu, toggle from View menu. You must load an XEP-80 E: handler from disk to actually use it. Current versions of SpartaDOS X come with an XEP80.SYS handler on CAR: that can be used. Currently the emulation is hardwired to use joystick port 2.

The XEP-80 is one weird beast, starting with it hooking up to the joystick port and then to the way the NS405 chip works. I don't actually have an XEP-80, so I had to cobble together everything from available sources. Emulation notes:

No ROM images are needed, but I drew the character set manually so a couple of chars may be off, particularly in 50Hz mode when they are 13 scanlines tall instead of 10.

Alt+Shift+X is the default shortcut to toggle the screen. I've also put in rudimentary support for automatic switching to/from the 80-column view -- goes to 40 on reset, back to 80 when data is sent to the XEP-80.

Partial undocumented command support: $E1-E6, $ED, $EE, $F0, $F2, $F4, $F6, $F7, $F9, $FA.

Overscan is currently not emulated in the UI layer, so you can see everything. The XEP-80 has massive overscan.

The XEP-80 screen editor acts similarly but not quite the same as the standard Screen Editor. In particular, the Screen Editor works via a logical line start bitfield, whereas the XEP-80 actually stores EOLs in the framebuffer. I've attempted to emulate this behavior.

The pixel aspect ratio is a guess based on the timing chain parameters. This is hard to determine because the XEP-80 appears to produce a video signal that is pretty far out of spec (16.3KHz horizontal??).

Things I could use help with:

Screenshots from the real hardware of the patterns produced by the internal character generator within the NS405. There's no information about the character set in the internal 7x11 ROM.

Screenshots from the real hardware of the last part of the ATRIBUTE.BAS program from the XEP-80 disk where block graphics is activated. From what I've been able to tell, this can't work properly the way the program sets it up because the character set ROM generator is still active when block graphics is selected, which I wouldn't mind confirming.

Any programs that have unusual usage patterns of the XEP-80, particularly: NS405 block graphics (hardware, not just the special ATASCII block graphics chars), custom underline/cursor settings, hardware scrolling in graphics mode, custom baud rates, mixed standard and international charsets on the same screen, or non-standard screen sizes or character widths/heights.

An indication if anyone cares at all about the printer support. (The people in Atari's peripheral hardware division must have had some strange illness that made them add a parallel printer port to every device they made.)

Mclane - 29 06 13 - 23:56

2 updates by the man...

Fix for burst mode not working properly, and improved logging support (lfe xepdata / lfe xepcmd):

The reason for all the characters when the internal charset is enabled is that the EOL ($9B) characters in the framebuffer are drawing normally. Atari used an ugly hack where $80-FF in the character ROM are inverse characters except for $9B, which is a blank. It took me a while to figure this out as the reason why all high-bit characters use attribute latch 1 (AL1) except for $9B. When the internal charset is enabled, this hack goes away and you can see all of the hidden EOLs.

In theory, with the $F6 and $F7 commands, it is possible to reprogram the timing chain registers. This would allow alteration of the character row/column count and height and possibly allow for a shorter, less overscanned display. NTSC would need some truncation, but PAL has extra lines that could be removed. I'd have to work out what timing parameters to try, though.

Mclane - 02 07 13 - 19:57

Another Update from Phaeron...

Update to allow copying text out of the XEP-80 screen, and with added support for custom video modes:

Commands $F6 and $F7 can now be used to reprogram the NS405 timing chain. Here's a program that attempts to switch the XEP-80 to a modified NTSC mode with only 9 scanlines per row:

10 PRINT CHR$(27);CHR$(0);
20 XIO 20,#2,12,246,"E"
30 FOR I=0 TO 7
50 PRINT CHR$(27);CHR$(X);
60 XIO 20,#2,12,247,"E"
80 DATA 108,79,82,95,128,28,24,2

In the process of looking into this, I think I discovered why the XEP-80 was designed with such awful overscan. The NS405 chip has an unfortunate limitation where it can only place vertical sync on the first blanked character row immediately after the display region. This makes it difficult to generate a video signal for a format that requires a tall blanking region. As a result, if the program above works on a real XEP-80, it will likely result in a display that is too far up on the screen. That means in order to generate a properly centered display, it's necessary to put in blank lines in the active region. The built-in firmware isn't set up to do this, but I think that through reprogramming of the vertical interrupt (VINT) register via command $F8 it should be possible to get the status row repeated on the top to get one blanked row.

Mclane - 07 07 13 - 22:55

Altirra 2.4 test 13.

Fixes a crash and a couple of small emulation bugs with XEP80 support, adds XEP80 support for error hovers, adds some on-screen indicators for display changes, and adds an "extract boot sectors" command for use with bootable virtual folders.

Did some tests with joystick support, but wasn't able to reproduce the joysticks suddenly stopping working. One thing that would be useful to know is if the people who are experiencing this problem are using input maps that are bound to a specific game controller, or if the input maps are just set to Any controller (default for all built-in maps).

thanks Avery !

breaker - 04 08 13 - 02:28

ups :)

breaker - 04 08 13 - 02:29

Altirra 2.4 test 14.

Looked at the colors issue, but don't know what it could be -- Altirra definitely does use PF2 in artifacting calculations, even in standard mode.

Fix for XEP80 view settings not saving properly, adds .WAV recording, and supports per-monitor DPI on Windows 8.1 preview.
The .WAV recorder uses a more aggressive audio filter with a sharper cutoff than the regular playback path, so I'd be interested in thoughts on whether it is more or less authentic.

breaker - 06 08 13 - 23:28

Altirra 2.4 test 18 is a quite fresh one :-)

Changes since test 14:

[features added]
* 65C816: Optimized mode switches.
* CPU: Preliminary support for accelerated 65C816 operation.
* Debugger: r (register) command now allows access to 65C816 registers.
* Profiler: Added 65C816 support.
* UI: Added custom debug font dialog for half point sizes.
* UI: File > Exit now confirms if there are modified images.

[features added]
* 65C816: Optimized mode switches.
* CPU: Preliminary support for accelerated 65C816 operation.
* Debugger: r (register) command now allows access to 65C816 registers.
* Profiler: Added 65C816 support.
* UI: Added custom debug font dialog for half point sizes.
* UI: File > Exit now confirms if there are modified images.

Artifex Maximus - 05 09 13 - 01:01

Altirra 2.4 test 20 is out

Changes since test 18:

[features added]
* Recorder: Added option for encoding duplicate frames as full frames.

[bugs fixed]
* 65C816: Fixed (dp), (dp,X), and (dp,Y) behavior with DP!=0.
* LLE: Fixed CIOINV timing so that emulated CIO hooks work.
* LLE: Corrected K: debounce logic and E: AUX2 open handling (fixes Action! with LLE firmware).
* Printer: Emulated P: device now supports the PUT CHARS command with len=0.
* Serial: Emulated R: device supports break interrupts.

Artifex Maximus - 08 10 13 - 03:17

Is Atari BASIC broken for a 800 OS-B NTSC / 48K under Altirra 2.40-test20[prerelease]? IN UI, System>>Firmware>>BASIC - is greyed-out, why?

ChromaBurst - 08 10 13 - 18:21

No, the Atari 400 / 800 didn't actually have Basic built in so it was added as a cart, to recreate the fact it was an added cart Avery put the option in the File Menu as attach Special Cart, there you will see BASIC.

Mclane - 09 10 13 - 01:29

@Mclane Big thanks on explaining the BASIC cartridge operation with the latest emulator - I missed that! Thanks! PayPal Project donation on it's way.

ChromaBurst - 09 10 13 - 06:30

My pleasure...

Mclane - 13 10 13 - 19:15

I'm having another problem trying to load a file using the hard disk (H:) handler (host path C:\atari_HDD, burst IO enabled) with Altirra/x64 2.30: 800 OS-B NTSC / 48K. In v2.30, When I configure the "H: device setup", to H1/H6: path as C:\atari_HDD with burst IO enabled, I only receive "ERROR- 130". I'm trying to load a LISTed BASIC file. Can anyone help? FYI - I'm learning the ATARI, was native to the ZX81/ZX Spectrum/Beeb Micro, apologies in advance!

ChromaBurst - 17 10 13 - 09:39

P.S. Loading the LISTed BASIC file works fine in Altirra 2.00: 800 OS-B NTSC / 48K / BASIC.

ChromaBurst - 17 10 13 - 09:41

For that one I suggest ask Avery / Phaeron directly on this link..

Mclane - 18 10 13 - 23:31

Thanks again, will do!

ChromaBurst - 22 10 13 - 16:23

Altirra 2.4 test 22

Changes since test 20:

[bugs fixed]
* Cartridge: Fixed $BFxx reading with 5200 64K cartridge type.
* GTIA: Fixed regression with hires player-playfield collisions (since 2.30).

Artifex Maximus - 31 10 13 - 06:37

Shift-F8 now causes fatal error in PAL mode

ratay - 07 11 13 - 20:46

Fixed in latest Beta..

Contains more 65C816 fixes, a POKEY pot emulation fix, improvements to input handling, some debugger additions, and DragonCart support.

Note that the DragonCart support is currently pretty raw. For various reasons, Altirra runs a gateway on the emulation network that does NAT, so incoming connections and pings don't work. The built-in TCP/IP stack is also still incomplete and is missing some features like IP fragment handling and TCP urgent data. However, there is built-in tcpdump-style logging.

Shift+F8 PAL crash fixed:

Plus Dragon cart info...To long and un-needed to post, if you want to read Phaerons words go here.

Mclane - 12 11 13 - 22:59

Btw, beta are now forthe 2.50 series..

2.40 Final here..

Mclane - 12 11 13 - 23:01

New 2.50 series beta

Includes XInput support, so Xbox 360 controllers no longer suffer from having their triggers tied together and the guide button can also be bound. XInput 1.3 is needed for the guide button. The input map UI now also identifies the axes and buttons.

Other details here

Mclane - 13 11 13 - 21:42

Some changes to Telnet emulation, see here for full article.

Mclane - 17 11 13 - 21:05

Oops, 2.50 beta 4....Above :)

Mclane - 17 11 13 - 21:06

2.50 beta 5 now out..

Changes to Telnet and fix for VBXE

Read the short changes here

Mclane - 18 11 13 - 20:37

Altirra 2.50 beta 6

Phaeron said:

Delaying switch to CR/NUL until Telnet negotation occurs was the same idea I had... will have to try implementing that. Zip Src

Mclane - 19 11 13 - 20:32

Phaeron is on fire :)

Altirra 2.50 beta 7 Zip Src

Fixes related to this post.

Mclane - 21 11 13 - 19:14

Altirra 2.50 beta 8

More H: issues fixed, PCLink fwrite() race condition fixed: Zip Src

Mclane - 24 11 13 - 19:57

Altirra 2.50 test 9:

features added:

Debugger: Keyboard shortcuts are now configurable.
Serial: Added Telnet terminal type negotiation support.

bugs fixed:

Disk: Fixed crash when host file is modified on virtual SDFS mounted path and accessed before emulator can notice the change.
Disk: Writes to virtual disks are now blocked.

breaker - 27 11 13 - 20:32

Altirra 2.50 beta 10 Zip Src

Note that with SpartaDOS, it's really only safe to update files on the host side when all files are closed. This is because the complexity of SDFS and SpartaDOS's caching requires that the sequence number on the volume be bumped, which pretty much invalidates the entire volume. This will be triggered whenever any file inside any directory that SpartaDOS has seen has changed, since the directory entry itself has to be invalidated. SpartaDOS checks for volume sequence bumps frequently, but expect it to be pretty upset if it sees a volume update while it has a file open and it hasn't updated the volume itself. You can get away with a bit more with Atari DOS and a virtual DOS mount, since DOS 2 filesystems are much simpler and Atari DOS doesn't cache much at all.

As for how to get files off, the easiest way is to use the disk explorer from the Disk Drives dialog and simply drag the files out of the live SDFS volume.

Mclane - 27 11 13 - 23:19

Altirra 2.50 beta 11

Fix for disabled terminal negotiation: Zip Src

Mclane - 29 11 13 - 23:43

Does this man sleep?

Altirra 2.50 beta 12 Zip Src

Alright, tracked down the issue with Microsoft Telnet Server. It requires support for Telnet binary transfers and breaks in strange ways if it isn't available. I managed to get it to break the same way with a regular Telnet client by turning off binary support. Telnet Server seems to be marginal in the way it handles a lot of things, including that if you negotiate a VT100 terminal it is very inefficient with the way it does screen updates. Altirra now negotiates two-way binary mode if it receives a request to enter it on the local side. During verification I also found a bug that was causing dropped calls from ForemXEP, which requires the ability to poll control line status prior to XIO 40.

As for talking to an external program... pass. Did that with VirtualDub and it was a big pain in the butt, with the anonymous pipes and a helper program to deal with the mess with inheritable handles. I also found that about half of the programs that were supposed to work in stdio mode and had options to do so were actually broken, because someone just threw it through MinGW on a cross-compile and didn't add or enable the proper code to disable translation on stdin/stdout.

(To see what this refers to I suggest you go to this link and read the thread..)

Mclane - 01 12 13 - 22:00

Last for the year???

Altirra 2.50 beta 13 zip Src

Added SIO-level 850 emulation and a 6502-based relocatable R: handler:

Mclane - 23 12 13 - 04:21

A happy Xmas and a Happy New year to all on here (religious beliefs depending)

A huge thank you to Avery / Phaeron for his continued work on the excellent Altirra.

Mclane - 23 12 13 - 20:38

Phaeron released another one..

Altirra 2.50 Beta 14 Zip Sec

This fixes another D3D11 related crash, adds a workaround for a display rotation problem on tablets, improves responsiveness to touch input and adds a bottom-up swipe gesture for the on-screen keyboard, fixes Micropainter load with SIO patch enabled, adds the ability to mount an .ARC file as a SpartaDOS disk and format new disk images as SDFS, fixes a regression with Alt+key shortcuts also dropping down menus, and expands the Help file to include better device-specific help.

Mclane - 26 12 13 - 20:22

And another one..

Altirra 2.50 Beta 15 Zip Src

Fixes a crash.

Mclane - 27 12 13 - 23:04

changes between test 14 and test 15:

[features added]
* Debugger: Added x (examine symbols) command.
* Debugger: Added module!symbol syntax for resolving symbols specific to a module.
* Debugger: .sdx_loadsyms command now works on more versions of SpartaDOS X.

[bugs fixed]
* Debugger: lm (list modules) and .unloadsym now work by IDs instead of indices to avoid index renumbering problems.

Artifex Maximus - 28 12 13 - 07:04

Phareon at it again..

Altirra 2.50 Beta 16 Zip Src

Found it... the P-M 2.0 issue was due to an unintentional change in IRQ timing incurred when I added accelerated '816 support. It didn't get caught in autotests because the timing was still within realistic bounds (matches my 130XE at cold temp). Fixed version

As for the F1/Ctrl+F1 issue... both can be rebound in Tools > Keyboard Shortcuts. The Ctrl+F1 display mode shortcut is bound to View.NextFilterMode and can be unbound. Similarly, F1 is bound by default to System.PulseWarpOn and ^F1 to System.PulseWarpOff.

Mclane - 29 12 13 - 21:49

changes between beta 15 and beta 16:

[features added]
* Debugger: .printf now supports string output and variable width/precision.

[bugs fixed]
* CPU: Reverted unintentional change to IRQ timing (affected PM 2.0).
* HLE: Program loader now detects and rejects SpartaDOS X executables.
* LLE: CIO now checks permissions on get/put operations.

Artifex Maximus - 02 01 14 - 20:53

Oops, let the release list slip a bit...Thanks to Artifex for adding the fine detail on the releases.

Altirra 2.50 beta 17 Zip Src

Next :Averys text...

Okay, I'd like to propose a ban on the use of the name "MegaCart" for any new flash cartridges, given that we are now up to three different types called by that name.

I guess I should put a warning up somewhere that I don't usually take source code patches for various reasons... but thanks anyway. In this case it needed a rework anyway for naming reasons and to add flashing support:

The 512K, 2M, and 4M cartridges currently report their flash as Am29F040B, Am29F016D, and Am29F032B, respectively. The '016/'032 emulation isn't quite complete as the common flash interface isn't yet supported, but it's enough for the flasher to run. This build also has some minor additions to the debugger.

Also, a sneak peek at what I've been working on:


This is a substitute for the 8K BASIC ROM, intended to be highly compatible with Atari BASIC. Some fairly big BASIC programs run on it now, although there are some bugs I still need to work out, particularly in the parser and LIST statement. Problem is, I'm already out of ROM space, so it's getting hard to change things in here. :(

Mclane - 15 01 14 - 22:41

Altirra 2.50 Beta 18 Zip Src

User Laoo reported this bug :-

Debugger bug: I'm working on some code located outside the 65c816 bank $00 and the "Disassembly" window does not follow bank number - it disassembles the code from current PC but always from bank $00.

Beta 18 fixes it..

Mclane - 15 01 14 - 22:44

Altirra 2.50 Beta 19 Zip Src

User Laoo reported debugger error with reporting register size.

Fixed -- was an issue with M/X tracking. It'll never be perfect, but this should work better.

Mclane - 15 01 14 - 22:47

Interesting chat re new Megacart emulation..

Mclane - 15 01 14 - 22:50

Altirra 2.50 Beta 20 Zip Src

Fixed a lot of bugs in Altirra 8K BASIC, and integrated it into the emulator as the default BASIC ROM when no other one is available:

(If you've been wondering why I've been extending the debugger so much lately, this is why. ATBasic is extensively mined with trace and assert statements when symbols are loaded.)

It may seem a bit weird to do this, but it completes the last remaining ROM that I didn't have a viable, freely distributable replacement for (TBXL doesn't fit in the 8K BASIC ROM), and allows Altirra to be used for BASIC programming out of the box. It supports the whole Atari BASIC language except for the continue command (CONT), is binary compatible with .BAS files, and maintains reasonable compatibility with Atari BASIC's memory layout. I also fixed a few bugs in the built-in OS math pack and in the math accelerator that affected BASIC, so the baseline LLE[XL] OS + ATBasic configuration now seems to run a number of programs correctly now. It's pretty crazy what some people did with BASIC, like clearing players with A$(2)=A$.

Mclane - 15 01 14 - 22:52

Altirra 2.50 Beta 21 Zip Src

Added SSF39SF040 as an option for U1MB... already had the code for it, so the UI changes took more time than anything else. Note that you'll need to reinit U1MB for the changes to take effect.

Also fixed absolute long mode disassembly, added 17MHz and 21MHz options for '816 mode, and added another hook path so the H: device inits on 65C816 XL OS.

(Mclane here, the 65C816 modes are very handy on games like Mercenary, give it a try)

Mclane - 15 01 14 - 22:54

Note to self, keep up to date with Phaerons releases :) Phew...

Mclane - 15 01 14 - 22:56

changes between beta 16 and beta 21:

[features added]
* BASIC: Altirra BASIC is now the default when no BASIC ROM is included.
* Cartridge: Added support for another 512K/4MB/8MB flash cartridge.
* CPU: Extended 65C816 speed options to include 17MHz (10x) and 21MHz (12x).
* Debugger: Disassembly window now steps properly above bank $00.
* Debugger: Failed assertions now report file/line info if available.
* Debugger: Added .basic_dumpstack command to dump BASIC runtime stack.
* Debugger: Added option to hide namespaces for nested symbols in history window.
* Display: Fixed update problems when stepping with frame blending active.
* Ultimate1MB: Added SST39SF040 (4K sectors) as an alternate flash chip option.

[bugs fixed]
* Debugger: Improved M/X tracking in disassembly window.
* Debugger: Fixed disassembly of absolute long addressing mode.
* HLE: Fixed state of carry flag when exiting DSKINV after failure (fixes Micropainter with SIO patch enabled).
* HLE: Fixed EXP(-1) returning an error with FP acceleration enabled.
* HLE: Added alternate hooking mechanism so that CIO device hooks can activate on OSes that don't use the standard CIOINV vector.
* LLE: Improved accuracy of power series for ATN(x).

Artifex Maximus - 17 01 14 - 03:39

Altirra 2.50 Beta 25

Changes between beta 21 and beta 25:

[bugs fixed]
* Debugger: Memory window now updates properly above bank 0.
* Debugger: Fixed memory access value reporting above bank 0 in step disassembly.
* SIDE2: Fixed SDX banking register address.
* VBXE: Fixed blit mode 4 (bitwise AND) not working properly with src=0.
* VBXE: Fixed blitter collision behavior with dest=0.

Artifex Maximus - 08 02 14 - 23:31

Altirra 2.50 beta 26

Changes between beta 25 and beta 26:

[features added]
* Cassette: Tape control UI now has a waveform graph.
* Cassette: Added support for FSK blocks in .cas files.
[bugs fixed]
* Cartridge: Fixed swapped 5200 two-chip and one-chip modes.
* Debugger: Fixed infinite loop bug in static trace (st) command.
* Disk Explorer: SDFS directory entries are now reused properly.
* Disk Explorer: SDFS sparse files are now supported.

Artifex Maximus - 12 02 14 - 22:29

Cheers Artifex, been busy with a load of things..

Mclane - 14 02 14 - 23:50

Altirra 2.50 beta 27

Changes between beta 26 and beta 27:

[features added]
* Cartridge: Added support for The!Cart and MegaMax 2M cartridge types.
* Disk: Added support for 8KB sectors.
* UI: Added Attach Disk and Detach Disk menu options.
[bugs fixed]
* Cartridge: Cold reset now resets flash emulation.
* Disk: Fixed density detection issue with Set PERCOM Block command in XF551 mode.
* Disk Explorer: Dragged files are no longer placed in the root when viewing a subdirectory.

Artifex Maximus - 21 02 14 - 08:27

Altirra 2.50 test 29

No changelog but seems that some EEPROM support is in progress. Probably there was EEPROM on some cartridge. Not sure as I am not familiar with the hardware. Some bits from source code:

Emulation accuracy

Known issues: CPU (changed)

Reads from unmapped memory are only partially emulated. Floating data bus is emulated in 800 and XE modes, but is only
accurate for single cycle reads; it is not accurate during a WSYNC wait (only visible by ANTIC).

Known issues: Disk (added)

The emulation core is more tolerant than real hardware about commands being prematurely aborted. It may allow subsequent
commands to go through that should be ignored because the device is still processing the previous command.

Artifex Maximus - 25 02 14 - 22:30

Altirra 2.50 test 30

Changes between test 27/29 and test 30

[features added]
* Debugger: .dumpsnap command now applies compression.
* Disk Explorer: DOS2 filesystem validator no longer checks directory entries after end of directory.
[bugs fixed]
* CPU: Fix hang when saving state with heat map activated.
* GTIA: Fixed 2cclk transitions from modes 9/10/11 to mode 8.
* Simulation: Fixed some issues with GTIA and POKEY state desyncing across save states.

Artifex Maximus - 21 03 14 - 09:02

Altirra 2.50 test 33 is here

Changes between test 30 and test 33

[features added]
* Debugger: Added partial CC65 dbgfile support.
* POKEY: Audio output path now emulates analog decay effects.
[bugs fixed]
* Debugger: CC65 label parser now strips the first leading period from label names.
* Debugger: Fixed truncated call stack when encountering reused function epilog code paths.

Artifex Maximus - 03 04 14 - 04:18

Altirra 2.50 test 35

Changes between test 33 and test 35

[bugs fixed]
* UI: Shift modifier is allowed again for Start/Select/Option.

Artifex Maximus - 16 04 14 - 20:20

Altirra 2.50 test 38

Changes between test 35 and test 38

[features added]
* UI: Added direct keyboard layout mode.
* Ultimate1MB: Added SST39SF040, Am29F040B, and BM29F040 as alternate flash chip options.

[bugs fixed]
* Cartridge: Fixed some cases where flash writes would stop working with emulated MaxFlash cartridge.
* Cartridge: Fixed incorrect flash device ID for MaxFlash 1MB+MyIDE cartridge.

Artifex Maximus - 30 04 14 - 22:01

Altirra 2.60 test 3

Changes between 2.50 release and 2.60 test 3

[features added]
* ATBasic: Improved execution speed.
* ATOS: Optimized FPI routine.
* ATOS: Improved rounding of FDIV results.
* BlackBox: Initial emulation support.
* Debugger: Changed .writemem to use length syntax.
* Debugger: .basic_dumpline updated with shortcuts for STMCUR/STMTAB and continuous output.
* Debugger: Added .basic_rebuiltvnt command.
* IDE: CF hot swapping is now supported.
* Software: Added Additions disk containing supplementary utilities.
* UI: Added new firmware management dialog and support for multiple custom OS and BASIC ROMs.
* UI: Added /[no]cheats switch.
* UI: Improved high DPI support.

[bugs fixed]
* ATBasic: Fixed precedence of unary minus vs. exponentiation.
* ATBasic: Fixed x^y for x=10^10.
* Debugger: Fixed EXP/EXP10 not being logged to FPACCEL channel.
* Display: Fixed crash on display hardware change when using DirectDraw.
* HDevice: Fixed NOTE command sometimes giving incorrect positions.
* Input: Fixed right mouse button not working on mouse controllers.
* POKEY: Undetectable $C0-C7 and $D0-D7 scan codes are now blocked.
* UI: Fixed mouse pointer blinking when a video player injects mouse moves to prevent the display from sleeping.

Artifex Maximus - 14 08 14 - 00:31

Altirra 2.60 test 8

Changes between 2.60 test 3 and 2.60 test 8

[features added]
* Display: Sharp bilinear now works on pixel shader 1.x devices.
* Serial: Modem now supports RTS/CTS flow control (&K3).
* UI: Added /portablealt: switch to use alternate INI files.

[bugs fixed]
* ATOS: Fixed CRITIC being left on after servicing a PBI-based SIO request.
* ATOS: Fixed GET BYTE returning bogus characters for PBI-based CIO devices.
* Debugger: Fixed static trace (st) not stopping properly on BRK/RTS/RTI instructions.

(Looking into source I believe there is more changes under the hood than in changelog. We will see. :-)

Artifex Maximus - 07 09 14 - 09:08

Altirra 2.60 test 11

Changes between 2.60 test 8 and 2.60 test 11

[features added]
* AltirraOS: Optimized FPI routine.
* AltirraOS: Improved rounding of FDIV results.
* Disk: Added support for creating and exploring DOS 3 disk images.
* Disk: Added generic emulation mode with 57,600 baud high speed support.
* UI: Multiple disk images can now be loaded with repeated /disk switches.

[bugs fixed]
* ATBasic: Banner changed so startup programs that hardcode line 2 work.
* AltirraOS: SIO no longer saves STACKP before invoking PBI routines (fixes BlackBox crash).
* AltirraOS: SIO now leaves ICBALZ/ICBAHZ equal to ICBAL/ICBAH for better custom DOS compatibility.
* AltirraOS: Fixed CRITIC being left on after servicing a PBI-based SIO request.
* AltirraOS: Fixed GET BYTE returning bogus characters for PBI-based CIO devices.
* CPU: Fixed NMI not triggering early enough when occurring during IRQ entry sequence.
* HLE: Hook page for H:, P:, R:, and E: hooks is now better at dodging conflicting hardware windows.

Artifex Maximus - 14 09 14 - 18:28

Altirra 2.60 test 13

Changes between test 11 and test 13

[features added]
* Debugger: Added support for one-shot, grouped, and clear-on-reset breakpoints.
* Debugger: Added support for return tracepoints (bt --).
* Debugger: Added .sprintf command and @ts tokens.
* Debugger: Added @t0-t9 (temporary) and @ra (return address) variables.
* Input: Added support for quick-cycling between a set of input maps.

[bugs fixed]
* ATBasic: Use of IOCB #0 is no longer allowed.
* ATBasic: Out of memory errors are now detected and thrown.
* AltirraOS: E: now supports forced read mode.
* Serial: 6502-based R: handler now waits for output buffers to drain on a close command.

Artifex Maximus - 09 10 14 - 20:17

Altirra 2.60 test 18

Changes between test 13 and test 18

[bugs fixed]
* ATBasic: Added support for DPOKE, BPUT, BGET, ERASE, PROTECT, UNPROTECT, DIR, RENAME, MOVE, HEX$(), DPEEK(), !, %, &, and $.
* AltirraOS: SETVBV now preserves I flag.
* AltirraOS: AUX1/2 are now updated properly on R: XIO commands.
* Disk Explorer: Fixed DOS 2 filename encoding for filenames without extensions.
* HLE: Fixed EXP10(-1) returning an error with FP acceleration enabled.
* HLE: Improved register return values for several FP acceleration calls.
* Serial: Fixed emulated R: device only draining one byte from transfer buffer per call in unthrottled mode.

Artifex Maximus - 06 11 14 - 09:24

Altirra 2.60 test 25

Changes between test 18 and test 25

* Devices: DragonCart, XEP-80, SlightSID, Covox and R-Time 8 have been moved to the Devices tree.

[features added]
* ATBasic: Added partial support for CONT statement.
* ATBasic: Added support for DPOKE, BPUT, BGET, ERASE, PROTECT, UNPROTECT, DIR, RENAME, MOVE, HEX$(), DPEEK(), !, %, &, and $.
* Devices: Added support for SIO-based real-time clock devices.
* Devices: Added SIO type 3/4 polling test devices.
* Disk: ATX, PRO, DCM, and XFD disk images can now be written.
* Disk: Detach Disk commands now turn off disk drives.
* Disk: Added rotate disk commands.
* Display: Vertical overscan can be overridden separately from horizontal.
* HDevice: Added option to use lowercase filenames.
* UI: Full screen mode state is now saved on exit.
* UI: Improved full-screen UI.

[bugs fixed]
* ATBasic: PUT now takes an aexpr instead of avar.
* AltirraOS: Fixed CIO type 4 polling support.
* CPU: Fixed spurious IRQs when interrupts are masked for more than 2^32 cycles.
* CPU: Fixed video snow problem when running CPU faster than 1.79MHz.
* Disk: Rewrote ATX image parser to be more robust.
* Disk Explorer: Fixed directory parsing for double-density DOS 2 filesystems.
* Display: Added workaround for crash when initializing Direct3D 9 with VirtualBox display driver.
* HLE: SIO patch acceleration is skipped if the I flag is set.
* Input: Keyboard and mouse inputs are now auto-released when display window loses focus.
* Input: Moved joystick poll before VBI to reduce input delay.

Artifex Maximus - 05 12 14 - 10:42

Altirra 2.60 test 32

Changes between test 25 and test 32

Version 2.60 prerelease:

* Devices: PCLink, DragonCart, XEP-80, SlightSID, Covox, R-Time 8, 850, 1030, P:, and H: have been moved to the Devices tree.
* Debugger: Added option to randomize application memory after EXE load (direct EXE load only).
* Disk Explorer: Added read/write support for MyDOS and DOS 2.5 disks.
* Disk Explorer: Added create directory (new folder) option for MyDOS and SDFS disks.
* HDevice: H: can now be hot-started or stopped without a reboot.
* HDevice: H: can now also be installed as D:.
* Printer: Added SIO-level 820 emulation.
* Serial: Added software T: handler and support for 1030 handler bootstrap.

[bugs fixed]
* AltirraOS: Fix timeout for SIO operations.
* AltirraOS: Fix ESC-Clear handling in E:.
* ANTIC: Improved emulation of phantom P/M DMA effects.
* Disk: Added workaround for XFD images improperly named .ATR.
* Display: Improved windowed mode vsync strategy when DWM is active.
* Display: Improved quality of NTSC high artifacting mode.
* HLE: Hook page for H:, P:, R:, T:, and E: hooks is now better at dodging conflicting hardware windows.
* Serial: Many fixes to 1030 T: device command handling.
* Ultimate1MB: Fixed SDX control register not gating non-SIDE external cartridges properly.

Artifex Maximus - 04 01 15 - 20:42

Altirra 2.60 test 36

Changes between test 32 and test 36

[features added]
* Debugger: Added .diskreadsec and .diskwritesec commands.
* Debugger: Added dbi (dump bytes with INTERNAL text) command.
* Simulation: Added support for mixed NTSC/PAL ANTIC+GTIA combinations (PAL-60 and NTSC-50).
* Simulation: Added support for more realistic power-on memory patterns.

[bugs fixed]
* ATBasic: PTABW is now supported.
* AltirraOS: Cassette boot now reads EOF record.
* AltirraOS: Fixed diagnostic cartridge handling.
* Cassette: Fixed inconsistent motor control state when using C: patch with short IRG mode.
* Debugger: Debug display now reflects CHACTL bits.
* GTIA: Fixed DMA reads from hardware registers.
* XEP80: Move Cursor to Start of Logical Line ($DB) no longer moves cursor to left margin.
* XEP80: Set horizontal/vertical position commands now update the cursor address.

Artifex Maximus - 22 01 15 - 19:27

Altirra 2.60 test 40

Changes between test 36 and test 40

[features added]
* Devices: Added SX212 modem emulation.
* Devices: Added MidiMate emulation.

Artifex Maximus - 15 02 15 - 16:51

And the links...

Artifex Maximus - 15 02 15 - 16:54

Altirra 2.70 test 5

changes between 2.60 release and 2.70 test 5

* Debugger: Switched BRK back to being a single byte opcode in the disassembler.

[features added]
* Debugger: Added ~ command (target control).
* Devices: Add minimal SDrive raw disk access emulation.
* Devices: Veronica cartridge emulation.
* Devices: R-Verter emulation.
* Display: Optimized NTSC high artifacting mode.
* SIO: Merged standard and polled burst I/O into a single mode.
* SIO: Burst I/O is now supported for writes.

[bugs fixed]
* ANTIC: Fixed blanking of rows 8-9 in IR mode 2.
* AltirraOS: Activate self-test ROM after memory test to mimic the XL/XE OS's behavior when doing ROM checksums.
* Debugger: Fixed Step Over not working in 65C816 mode.
* Debugger: Fixed B/P/S registers being shown incorrectly in history view in 65C816 mode.
* Debugger: Improved call stack decoding.
* Disk: Fixed boot sector not being initialized when precreating formatted DOS 3 disks.
* Disk Explorer: Fixed crash when activating context menu with no disk image mounted.
* Input: Fixed right mouse button on mice not working for ports 2/4.
* Simulation: Added timeout to logic for holding Option on boot.
* PIA: Interrupt flags can now be set without having interrupts enabled.
* PIA: Reenabling IRQA1 or IRQB1 with the flags already set now reasserts IRQ.
* POKEY: Serial input no longer works while initialization mode is active.
* UI: Fixed /portablealt writing into the current directory instead of starting directory when given a relative path.

Artifex Maximus - 08 04 15 - 03:46

Altirra 2.70 test 15

* Debugger: Readjusted names of illegal opcodes.

[features added]
* Debugger: bx (break on expression) can now create tracepoints (-n).
* Debugger: Added Go To Source from History window.
* Debugger: .basic_dumpline command now has -t option for decoding TurboBasic XL tokens.
* Debugger: Added Go until vertical blank interrupt (gv) command.
* Disk: Added 1050 drive sounds and added emulation of 1050 reseeking on errors.
* Disk: Added "shift to another drive" option to disk dialog.
* Display: Improved performance of D3D11 vsync code.
* IDE: Raised VHD creation size limit in UI from 4GB to 2TB.
* UI: Audio monitor now supports dual POKEYs.
* UI: Paste now attempts to translate Unicode characters like curly quotes and dashes to representable characters.

[bugs fixed]
* 65C02: Added missing BIT abs,X instruction (65C02 mode only).
* 65C816: Stack instructions new to the 65C816 now properly index outside of page one in emulation mode.
* 65C816: Fixed PLY instruction not working outside of page one in X8 mode.
* AltirraOS: Improved compatibility of S: plot/line commands in GR.0.
* AltirraOS: E:/S: open now enables keyboard IRQs.
* Cartridge: Fixed crash with MegaCart 1M (2) mapper.
* Cartridge: Fixed crash problem with RAM access in newly created The!Cart cartridges.
* Cartridge: Newly created AtariMax 8Mbit (bank 0) carts had the wrong power-up bank.
* Debugger: Fixed assembly/disassembly of MVP/MVN instructions.
* Debugger: Fixed assembly of [dp],Y addressing modes.
* Debugger: Fixed crash when canceling edit of watch expression.
* Debugger: Fixed disassembly of BIT abs,X instruction in 65C02 mode.
* Disk: Data checksum errors during SIO bus transfers now result in a NAK instead of Error.
* HDevice: Fixed regression in NOTE/POINT commands.
* PIA: Added emulation of floating inputs on PIA port B on XL/XE systems.
* U1MB: Improved emulation accuracy.
* UI: Changed cursor mode to fix drag-and-drop incompatibility with 7-Zip File Manager.
* UI: Audio monitor setting now saves.

Artifex Maximus - 01 07 15 - 09:34

Altirra 2.70 test 26

changes between test 15 and test 26

* Devices: SoundBoard has been moved to the Devices tree.
* Input: Because some broken axis mappings have been corrected, hand-edited input maps may need to be fixed up.

[features added]
* Debugger: Execution history now shows high level emulation events.
* Display: Enhanced text mode now works in full screen mode and supports selection.
* IDE: Added support for MyIDE II with updated CPLD firmware.
* Input: Dead zones and curves are now adjustable for game controllers.
* Input: Keyboard mapping is now customizable.
* UI: Raised drag-and-drop limit to 128MB to accommodate The!Cart images.

[bugs fixed]
* ANTIC: Fix incorrect internal state after warm reset during WSYNC wait.
* AltirraOS: Fixed BOOT? flag being set too early on cassette/disk boots.
* AltirraOS: CIO PUT RECORD with length=0 now outputs A without EOL.
* ATBasic: Fixed bug with terminating EOLs being left in code if a warm reset happened during a filename-based I/O statement.
* ATBasic: Fixed CLOAD/CSAVE not setting IRG mode consistently.
* Debugger: Fixed .readmem command.
* Debugger: Up/down keys now work better in History when navigating search results.
* Debugger: Fixed time wrapping bug in .pokey deferred timer reporting.
* Input: Fixed inconsistent mappings between analog/digital interpretations of axes and between DirectInput and XInput.
* Network: Fixed protocol handling bugs in emulated ARP and DHCP layers.
* Network: Add support for tunneling over the VXLAN protocol.
* PCLink: Fixed FLEN (code 4) command.
* POKEY: Full keyboard scan emulation is now supported, including phantom key and debounce-off effects.
* Recorder: Video recording failed if scanlines were enabled without VBXE or antialiasing on.
* U1MB: Removed bogus PORTB dependency for register access.
* U1MB: Flash ROM is now reset on cold reset.
* U1MB: Flash writes to OS, BASIC, and Game ROM windows are now supported.
* U1MB: Real-time clock now properly allows both clock polarities.
* U1MB: Fixed value of reserved bits read from RTCIN register.
* U1MB: Internal BASIC now works with 1200XL + U1MB, since the U1MB emulates the XL/XE MMU.
* UI: Selecting a 1200XL kernel no longer switches the hardware mode to 800XL.
* XEP80: Fixed UART register emulation.
* XEP80: Attributes, split-screen, and vertical scrolling are now supported in pixel graphics mode.

Artifex Maximus - 16 09 15 - 08:03

Altirra 2.70 test 32

changes between test 26 and test 32

[features added]
* Audio: Sound output is auto-switched to 48KHz to reduce CPU usage if Windows is mixing at that rate.
* Debugger: Added sw (search words), sa (search ATASCII), and si (search INTERNAL).
* HLE: Added player for some SAP type B/C/R files.
* Recorder: Added support for recording SAP type D files.
* Simulator: Emulation is no longer paused while menus are open.

[bugs fixed]
* AltirraOS: XL/XE version now supports KEYREP.
* Debugger: Fixed length (Lxxx) arguments not accepting 10000 for $10000 bytes.
* Debugger: Fixed crash with malformed read/write access range checks in breakpoint conditional expressions.
* Disk: Improved accurate sector timing values for enhanced density disks.
* Disk Explorer: Empty filenames are no longer allowed.
* Simulation: Added emulation of floating I/O memory bus on 800 hardware.

Artifex Maximus - 11 10 15 - 17:21

Altirra 2.80 test 7

changes between 2.70 release and 2.80 test 7

[features added]
* Cassette: Added support for recording cassette tapes.
* Debugger: All special variables in debugger expressions can now be specified with a @ prefix, i.e. @a. The non-prefixed form is now deprecated due to symbol/number conflicts.
* Debugger: Focus is now automatically switched between the console and the display when starting and stopping execution.
* Debugger: Heat map can now be used to detect accesses to uninitialized memory (hmt command).
* Debugger: Expression parser can now optimize +/-0, *0, and *1 patterns.
* Debugger: .tapedata command now accepts a length option.
* Debugger: .basic_dumpline now has a function to show addresses and byte values for each token (-k).
* Devices: Added Corvus Disk Interface emulation.
* Devices: Added Pocket Modem emulation.
* Display: Added /w command line switch to force windowed mode.
* MMU: Added support for 256K Rambo configuration, which aliases 64K with main memory.
* UI: Added /si and /nosi as synonyms for /singleinstance and /nosingleinstance.
* UI: Added profile system for switching full or partial configurations.
* UI: File associations can now be set user-local as well as system-local.
* UI: Added option to reset all settings.
* UI: Added option to control whether simulation is paused while menus are open.

[bugs fixed]
* AltirraOS: Fixed XEGS game cartridge activation.
* AltirraOS: Fixed errors getting dropped in cassette handler.
* AltirraOS: Fixed extra initial block and incorrect partial block problems when writing cassette streams.
* ATBasic: Added workaround for BASIC programs that have a corrupted function open parens.
* Debugger: Fixed assembly and disassembly of 65C816 COP instruction from COP #n to COP n.
* Network: Fixed TCP stack checking wrong sequence number against incoming ACK in some cases.
* POKEY: Improved emulation of fast pot scan mode.
* UI: Disable Shift+hover help when Shift key is bound to an input map.

Artifex Maximus - 03 01 16 - 21:57

The best atari emulator in the world :).


marcokitt2000 - 11 04 16 - 19:06

Pff they are now on beta 29 :)


marcokitt2000 - 11 04 16 - 19:40

A HUGE jump in version number

changes between 2.80 test 7 and 2.80 test 45

* Devices: MyIDE and KMK/JZ IDE (IDEPlus) have been moved to the Devices tree.
* Input: The preset input maps for 5200 mode and the Xbox 360 Controller been changed.
* Input: Input mapping speeds have been adjusted; mappings in relative mode may need to be fixed up.
* UI: Error message help has been moved from Shift+hover to Alt+click.

[features added]
* Audio: Added emulation of serial I/O noise with audio channels silent.
* Cartridge: Added support for alternate image layout of 5200 Bounty Bob cartridge.
* Cassette: Added option to add slight randomized jitter to tape start position to work around load timing issues with deterministic timing.
* Debugger: Added db/dbi -c option to dump mode 1/2 strings.
* Debugger: Added emulation network packet tracing (.netpcap, .netpcapclose).
* Debugger: Added .basic_rebuildvvt command to fix corrupted BASIC variable type/index entries.
* Debugger: PC breakpoints and step execution are now supported for Veronica.
* Debugger: Added eb (enter byte) and ew (enter word) commands.
* Debugger: Fixed disassembly of 65C02 RMBn/SMBn/BBRn/BBSn instructions.
* Devices: Added simple joystick dongle emulation.
* Disk: Added VRWSafe write mode (virtual read/write with format prohibited), and added option to set default write mode.
* Disk: Added emulation of Indus GT Synchromesh and SuperSynchromesh firmware modes.
* Disk: Added emulation of full format times when accurate timing is enabled.
* Disk: Added support for formatting and exploring DOS 1.x disks and for DOS 1.x files on DOS 2.0S disks.
* Disk: Partial emulation of built-in Happy drive commands.
* Disk Explorer: File viewer mode and window position is now persisted.
* Display: Added DXGI-based windowed vsync support to D3D9 display driver for reduced CPU usage with DWM composition.
* Firmware: Added autodetection of 5200 2-port BIOS, Black Box, and MIO ROMs.
* Firmware: Firmware dialog now supports drag-and-drop.
* HLE: Program loader now warns on init segment behaviors that may not work with DOS.
* HLE: Added PBIDisk device for PBI-based acceleration of disk and serial bus requests.
* Input: Improved mouse interrupt timing algorithm.
* Input: Acceleration can now be adjusted independently of speed for digital-to-analog mappings.
* Input: Added driving and keyboard controller support.
* Input: Reset system screensaver timeout when controller input changes.
* Network: Added TCP logging channel for monitoring gateway TCP stack status.
* UI: Detect files dragged from .zip files in Windows Explorer and use a VFS path to the compressed file if possible.
* VFS: Images mounted within .zip and .gz files are now restored on next load.

[bugs fixed]
* AltirraOS: Fixed CIO read record when line exactly fits in buffer.
* AltirraOS: Fixed broken inverse key.
* AltirraOS: S: clear also clears split-screen area.
* AltirraOS: Optimized C/E->data frame path in SIO for better robustness when DLIs are active.
* AltirraOS: Fixed race condition in SETVBV.
* ANTIC: Fix power-up values for PENH and PENV registers.
* ATBasic: Force implicit NEW if LOAD or CLOAD fails.
* ATBasic: Fix crash in INT() with certain ranges of large numbers.
* ATBasic: Remove added variables when parsing error occurs.
* CPU: Fix D flag not being cleared on interrupt entry in 65C02/65C816 mode and I not being cleared in 65C816 native mode.
* CPU: Fixed second write cycle for read/modify/write instructions in 65C816 emulation mode.
* Debugger: Fixed issue with Step Over breaking PC breakpoints.
* Debugger: PC breakpoints are now bank sensitive.
* Debugger: Fixed assembler giving branch range errors when assembling above bank 0.
* Debugger: Fixed disassembly of 65C02 RMBn, SMBn, BBRn, and BBSn instructions.
* Display: Fix for intermittent display redraw issues when stopped in debugger with display composition enabled.
* Display: Fixed centering of enhanced text mode after switching modes.
* Display: Enhanced text mode (hardware) now uses correct colors for Gr.1/2.
* Display: Removed broken fixed function bicubic stretching code paths. They were broken and pre-shader cards don't have the fill rate to do 5+ passes at 60fps anyway.
* Disk: Fixed density detection issue with Set PERCOM Block command in XF551 mode (again).
* Disk: Fixed crash when mounting .ARC file with no decodable files in it.
* Disk: Retuned command ACK timings for 1050-based drives.
* Disk: 850 and 1050 emulation modes now implement proper respective behavior with long sectors.
* Disk: Allow loading of truncated .ATRs with a partial final sector.
* Disk: Fixed handling of sectors with bad address field CRCs.
* Disk: Fixed record type bits in FDC status in 810 mode.
* Disk Explorer: Fixed rename operations on SDFS disks not marking volume changed.
* Flash: Toggle bits are now implemented during the multiple sector erase timeout period.
* HLE: Improved register return state when accelerating ZFR0/ZF1/ZFL calls.
* IDE: Fixed excessive flushing of VHD block bitmap after allocating space.
* IDE: Force power and reset states on MyIDE-II when CF card is removed.
* IDE: Improved compatibility of CHS mapping behavior.
* Input: Fixed mouse being able to escape from capture at high speeds.
* Input: Digital-to-analog mappings no longer change speeds between NTSC and PAL.
* Input: Fixed preset maps sometimes not resetting if they were modified in the same session.
* Input: Fixed 5200 CONSOL bits being inconsistent internally after reset (fixes 5200 Pole Position controller input).
* Input: Fixed 5200 trackball controller behavior when bound to mouse move inputs.
* MMU: Fixed case where MMU was not reset when switching from 400/800 mode to XL/XE mode, causing a power-up crash.
* MMU: Axlon memory no longer aliases with PORTB extended memory.
* Network: Improve TCP PSH and ACK handling.
* Network: Fix inability to write some CS8900A control registers through PacketPage ports.
* PCLink: Fixed incorrect return codes from rename command.
* PCLink: Directories are now readable as byte streams.
* POKEY: Improved RANDOM emulation when switching in and out of init mode.
* POKEY: Fixed serial output ready IRQ occasionally not triggering when expected.
* SIDE2: Implemented CF change detection.
* SIDE2: The right cart window of the top cartridge half can now be enabled without the left half.
* Simulation: Modified DRAM A randomization pattern in 5200 mode to match 5200's address line mapping.
* UI: The kernel firmware menu is now filtered to kernels compatible with the current hardware mode.
* Added workaround for crash on XP systems without SP3 or KB921337 hotfix installed.

Artifex Maximus - 12 07 16 - 00:15

Altirra 2.80 test 50

changes between 2.80 test 45 and 2.80 test 50

[features added]
* Covox: Variable base address and mono/4ch. settings added.
* Covox: Volume is now adjustable (Audio Options).
* Debugger: Added .kmkjzide command.
* Disk: Added command to expand all .ARC files on a SpartaDOS disk.
* Disk Explorer: SDFS filesystem handler now validates the full directory tree and allocation bitmap.
* IDE: MyIDE, KMK/JZ IDE, and IDE Plus 2.0 now support slave devices.
* IDE: IDE Plus 2.0 SDX, write protect, and partition switch buttons are now supported.
* IDE: IDE Plus 2.0 revision and ID switch are now controllable.

[bugs fixed]
* Cartridge: Changed initial bank for XEGS/SXEGS carts to 0.
* Cartridge: Fixed flash indicator not always appearing while programming The!Cart cartridges.
* Display: Fixed excessive CPU usage with enhanced text mode with debugger open.
* IDE: IDEPlus 2.0 now supports external cartridge control.

Artifex Maximus - 14 08 16 - 21:55

Altirra 2.90 test 4

changes between 2.80 release and 2.90 test 4

* Display: Direct3D 9 bicubic filtered display support has been removed for pixel shader 1.x video cards.
* Firmware: The HLE kernel has been removed, as it was out of date and did not have enough advantages. The 800 LLE kernel is now loaded for any profiles that used the HLE kernel.
* HDevice: The escape character for reserved device name conflicts is now !. $ is still accepted on read.

[features added]
* Debugger: History window now shows preview of next instruction.
* Debugger: Added directive and debugger script support for cartridge images.
* Debugger: Added 'ir' command to read from input ports that have side effects on read.
* Devices: Improved usability of Devices dialog.
* Disk: Disk drives dialog now supports drag-and-drop.
* Disk: Disk drives dialog is now resizable (horizontally).
* Disk Explorer: Compressed disk images can now be loaded from the Disk Explorer.
* Display: Added borderless windowed / windowed fullscreen mode (enabled in Options).
* Display: Added 16-bit surface option for low-end graphics devices.
* GTIA: Added CTIA emulation mode.
* HLE: Fast boot now accelerates OS startup when Ultimate1MB is active.
* IDE: KMK/JZ IDE now has a setting to change the PBI device ID.
* Input: "Hold keys" now allows console button and key combinations to be held down on the next Reset that might be difficult or impossible to hold down normally.

[bugs fixed]
* Cartridge: Fixed saving SIDE 1 cartridge images.
* Cartridge: Fixed crash with XEGS cartridge types.
* Debugger: Fixed breakpoints not being disabled on detach if simulator was running.
* Debugger: Blocked rich text paste into command line.
* Disk: Improved timing of SIO burst transfers for more reliable operation at very high speeds.
* Display: Fixed saving of non-fullscreen window positioning after exiting in fullscreen mode.
* Display: Enhanced CIO display now sets cursor position properly on Delete Line.
* Display: XEP80 display no longer renders with point sampling when filter mode is set to bicubic.
* HDevice: Fixed crash when doing wildcard rename with filename that matches a reserved device name.
* HLE: Removed DSKINV acceleration hook to work around nonstandard DSCTLN handling in QMEG OS.
* HLE: Fixed crash when viewing PBI region in debugger with PBI acceleration disk ROM enabled.
* HLE: Fixed incorrect handling of an accelerated SIO command interrupting a non-accelerated SIO command.
* UI: Main window now autoselects a new active pane when the current active pane is undocked.

Artifex Maximus - 13 09 16 - 03:35

Altirra 2.90 test 26

changes between 2.90 test 4 and 2.90 test 26

* Display: Default color presets have been updated.

[features added]
* Cartridge: Added /nocartchecksum command line switch for loading .CAR files without an initialized checksum field for development.
* Cassette: Motor restarts and individual sample timings are now randomized when the randomize option is enabled.
* Debugger: Added .tracesio command.
* Debugger: Added .crc command.
* Debugger: db (dump bytes) now takes a -w (width) argument.
* Debugger: st (static trace) now has a -m option to add a symbol for the starting address.
* Devices: BlackBox and MIO now support multiple devices on the SCSI bus.
* Disk: Initial Happy 810 support (memory read/write commands only).
* Disk: Added support for full disk drive emulation of 810, Happy 810, 810 Archiver, 1050, 1050 Duplicator, US Doubler, Speedy 1050, Happy 1050, Super Archiver, TOMS 1050, Tiger 1050, 1050 Turbo, Indus GT, and XF551 drives.
* Disk: Virtual DOS 2 disk image handler now supports preallocation of blocks to work with track buffering.
* Disk Explorer: Read/write access is now allowed to SDFS filesystems that have less serious VTOC/bitmap errors (inaccessible sectors only).
* Display: Sharp bilinear filter mode avoids sharpening horizontally if high artifacting is enabled.
* Display: Reduced luma bleed-through in NTSC artifacting algorithm and added support for modifying the color conversion matrix.
* Firmware: Added option to export the internal ROM set.
* UI: Copy/Save Frame now works for XEP-80 display.
* UI: Added variant of Copy/Save Frame which uses the true pixel aspect ratio with filtering.

[bugs fixed]
* Additions: Colormap now restores palette properly on exit.
* Additions: Fixed an uninitialized variable in SX212.COM that could cause speed-switching issues on init.
* AltirraOS: Modified values of PALNTS for better compatibility with XL/XE OS.
* AltirraOS: Fix short block flag not being handled by direct SIO calls for the cassette device.
* AltirraOS: Suppress type 3 poll to disk boot only (fixes Pole Position and Missile Command cartridge audio).
* Cassette: Improved stability of modified bit decoding algorithm.
* Cassette: Fixed sporadic crash when re-recording in the middle of an existing tape.
* Cassette: Fixed "randomize" setting not saving properly.
* Cassette: Acceleration patch now updates the POKEY SERIN register after reading a block.
* Debugger: Disk write from .diskwritesec was not always auto-flushed to disk.
* Debugger: Static trace (st) and dump disassembly (.dumpdsm) commands now work with coprocessor targets.
* Debugger: Watches now work with coprocessor targets.
* Devices: Fixed SX212 auto-speed switching issues in the emulated R: handler.
* Devices: SX212 now powers up in high speed.
* Disk: Added workaround to SDFS formatter and virtual disk handler for unusual disk format check in IDE+2 executable loader.
* Disk: Adjusted high speed C/E-to-data delay for 1050 Turbo emulation mode.
* Disk: Adjusted serial timing for Indus GT.
* Disk: Fixed double density and quad density .XFD disk images.
* Disk Explorer: Fixed failures when trying to drag a zero byte file from Explorer into a disk image.
* Display: Added workaround for display issues on Intel graphics in Direct3D 11 mode.
* Display: Fixed display not updating scaling properly after toggling VBXE.
* HLE: Fixed AFP allowing exponent zero with FP acceleration enabled.
* PCLink: Fixed characters after ? in a wildcard pattern being ignored.
* Serial: Added delay between ATA/ATD and CONNECT to deal with programs that expect to be able to close and reopen R: in between.
* Simulator: Corrected machine clock rate for SECAM machines.
* UI: Audio monitor now shows correct frequencies for PAL.

Artifex Maximus - 07 03 17 - 20:55

Altirra 2.90 test 35

Changes between 2.90 test 26 and 2.90 test 35

[features added]
* Cassette: Automatic rewind on cold reset can now be disabled.
* CPU: 65C816 CPU speed can now be changed on the fly without a restart.
* Debugger: Added .logopen and .logclose commands.
* Disk: Added support for full disk drive emulation of 810, Happy 810, 810 Archiver, 1050, 1050 Duplicator, US Doubler, Speedy 1050, Happy 1050, Super Archiver, TOMS 1050, Tiger 1050, 1050 Turbo, Indus GT, XF551, ATR8000, and PERCOM RFD-40S1 drives.
* Input: Added a keyboard option to allow host keys to be shared between by the keyboard and input maps.
* POKEY: Improved SIO transfer logging.
* Profiler: Tabular data can now be copied to the clipboard via right-click option.
* Simulator: Added power-on delay setting to simulate turning on the computer later than peripherals.
* Simulator: Added some optional confirmations before automatic resets.
* VBXE: Implemented config latch.

[bugs fixed]
* ANTIC: Fixed bogus abnormal playfield DMA condition on playfield clock speed switch with blank line in between.
* ATBasic: Fixed READ line not getting reset after NEW.
* ATBasic: PMBASE is no longer altered if PMGRAPHICS has not been executed.
* CPU: Fixed broken STZ zp,X instruction in 65C02 mode only.
* Debugger: Heat-map based uninitialized effective address trap is now filtered properly.
* Debugger: Fixed crash when examining I/O bus memory in the debugger in 800 mode.
* Disk: Fixed disk position not being deterministic on a cold reset.
* POKEY: High-pass flip flop update was off by one cycle.
* POKEY: Three-cycle offset between low and high linked timers is now properly maintained in passive timer mode.
* VBXE: The xcolor bit now also gates bit 0 of colors in attribute map cells.
* XEP80: Tab stops are now set properly on soft reset.

Artifex Maximus - 23 06 17 - 04:28

The best atari emulator in the world :).
Thanks Phareon and hold the good work.

Gr. Marco

Marco - 06 08 17 - 19:09

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