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§ VirtualDub 1.10.4 released

VirtualDub 1.10.4 is out. It has a number of bug fixes, some small additions to the external encoding and filter color support, and addresses a small compatibility issue with the Direct3D display path and Windows 8.1.

This version also finally replaces 1.9.11 as the stable version. Many regressions have been resolved due to the amount of time that the 1.10.x branch has had to cook, and I don't like the "eternal beta" model of development. I know my work on VirtualDub has been very slow, which I apologize for, but I'd like to thank everyone who tested the experimental and test releases and reported problems.

List of changes after the jump.

Build 35491 (1.10.4, stable): [October 27, 2013]
   [features added]
   * ExtEnc: Added %(outputbasename) to insert output filename without
   * ExtEnc: Editor UI now has a drop-down for tokens.
   * Filters: Expanded color space support in resize filter.
   * Preview: Return now also stops preview.
   [bugs fixed]
   * AVI: Added Copy button to AVI file information dialog.
   * AVI: Fixed bitsPerPixel value for NV12 output.
   * Capture: Improved error handling in screen capture module.
   * Capture: Fixed sporadic errors in DXGI 1.2 screen capture mode related to
     tracking pointer shape changes.
   * Capture: Spill drives can be adjusted on Windows XP.
   * Display: Fixed regression in D3D effects display mode.
   * ExtEnc: Fixed weird selection behavior when duplicating item.
   * Filters: Fixed script operation for Convert Format filter for the new
   * Filters: Fixed crash when attempting to crop video in a format that isn't
   * Filters: Fixed cropping errors on alias format filter.
   * Filters: Fixed issues with interpolate filter in nearest mode.
   * GIF: Fixed shifted presentation timings when reading animated GIFs.
   * Render: The processing priority setting now correctly adjusts the
     priority of filter and compression worker threads too when multithreading
     is enabled.
   * TARGA: Fixed vertical inversion issues during read.
   * UI: Add Windows 8.1 per-monitor DPI awareness support.


Comments posted:

"my work on VirtualDub has been very slow, which I apologize for, but I'd like to thank everyone"

We thank you, sir. I've been using VirtualDub for ten years and I hope that I keep using it for more ten years.

Awesome job!

Cheers, from Brazil. :)

Camilo - 27 10 13 - 12:51

Thank you a lot (from France) for this new stable version.
When capturing old 8mm footages, VirtualDub is THE perfect tool: not only to capture, but also, working with AviSynth, to clean, stabilize, improve our clips...
How could we do without it ?!?

Andre - 28 10 13 - 01:00

Don't care if development is slow. VirtualDub is an essential and awesome piece of software, and it's great that it exists and does what it does so well.

Markus - 28 10 13 - 04:19

Thank you for this program. For me VD was, is and will be the ultimate video editor. I use other video converting programs to change other formats to avi - the rest work I do with VD. Greetings from Poland.

Suavek - 28 10 13 - 05:28

Thank you very much (from Ukraine). I started using VD 6 years ago and I hope that I will continue to use it. For old DV/miniDV capturing/editing/converting tasks VD is still the best.

Klotos - 28 10 13 - 22:48

Thank you very much. I was looking for a video editor to edit frame by frame and there was not a tool suitable for me until I found VD.
I would like that VD can edit QT movies.

Helbert - 29 10 13 - 23:29

My father was using VD many years ago and I'm continuing with the tradition ;)

MightyNerd - 02 11 13 - 02:24

Thank you a lot for this awesome program (from Bolivia), I'm using VD many years ago and it have all wath I need to work with video files.

Hammer - 02 11 13 - 03:24

oh wow! i was going to send you a report that i found (i sent one before, but i used wetransfer service and i dont know if you really received) using the 3d accel engine on 1.10.3, and i will if it happends on 1.10.4
~from brazil

lordpacco - 03 11 13 - 01:03

Thank you very much!
Using and enjoying Virtual Dub for more than 10 years now.
~from Europe

Lynax - 03 11 13 - 01:47

I've been using build 2540 all this time, so this is a great bonus!
My sincere thanks and greetings from Australia.

Carlo - 05 11 13 - 13:39

Your program just works and has done for the many, many years that I`ve used it.... "slow development" I would say reflects on you developing a super stable program to start with and not needing much in the way of bug fixing :)

Hope you carry on supporting your baby for many more years to come.... without doubt the best free program I`ve ever used!!
~from UK

Gribley - 05 11 13 - 18:24

Thank you for your never-ending effort.
What I want from an editing tool is efficiency, lightness, speed, feature rich-ness and VirtualDub has them all into the most flexible tool (which runs flawlessly under wine too!). Nothing compares to it :-)
...from Italy

topolinik - 15 11 13 - 09:00

I've been using your program for many years, always appreciate it much, and hope I can use it for many, many years to come. Thank you for your hard work, and greetings from Romania !

Puscas - 17 11 13 - 06:00

Thank you for your effort..!

But, please add support for MP4 format.

Raja Reddy - 19 11 13 - 19:16

I am grateful that you have created, supported and distributed such a product. It helped during the years maybe millions of people, so whatever updates you are doing are much appreciated.

Adrian - 22 11 13 - 08:23

Thanks :)
Good to see 1.10.x finally got released as stable.

badibi - 26 11 13 - 06:18

Enjoy VD many year/ Thx for u job/wish well-being from Russia.

babera - 15 12 13 - 22:39

Excellent program. As a previous commenter said, I've been using it for ten years now.

Virtualdub has been my VCR, from the first TVBox I built out of junk all the way to my current, purpose built system.

Thank you for your time.

Glen - 26 12 13 - 12:33

Thanks for all your work. Epic program. Best scene detection, frame to frame editing and image export I have encountered. Thanks again, hope you continue development for some time.

David - 04 01 14 - 05:58

Thanks for your job man. This thing is perfect. Been using VirtualDub since the EasyCap. Hey can you make it compatible with the AverMedia Gamer Portable? I mean being able to record from it.

Maki - 06 01 14 - 01:47

thnx for your work.
virtualDub is a powerfull, fast and easy to use proggy, and that for years already!

helped me alot.
thnx again.

anon - 18 01 14 - 05:01

Thanks for the new version. Much appreciated. :-)
~From Israel.

Avi - 26 01 14 - 03:42

Whatever is someone's favorite A/V program, VirtualDub is the salt on the kitchen-shelf; the swiss-knife in the toolbox of video enthusiasts. Thanks Avery. From Thailand

Meister Knökenknecht - 27 01 14 - 12:48

I have been using VirtualDub for 8 years now and it is the best video editing suite available - fast, powerful, easy-to-use, and free. I would recommend it to anybody wanting to edit videos. Brilliant work and I hope it continues... Thank you for all of your efforts with this fantastic piece of software!

Stuart - 02 03 14 - 05:28

This is the perfect software for taking thousands of frames and spitting out an AVI! Keep making VirtualDub better and better!

From the U.S.

Ben Garcia - 06 03 14 - 14:19

Thanks for this awesome program. New user, but I love it so far. Much love from Canada.

Peter - 02 04 14 - 06:17

I couldn't survive without VirtualDub. Much love from the PSO2 Community! Keep up the good work

AIDA (link) - 03 04 14 - 07:14

Thank you for your work, I have been using this software for over 10 years now.

From Israel~

RazorbladeByte - 05 04 14 - 16:03

I've been using VirtualDub for years. It glues all those different video related applications together. With UHD video on it's way and raw formats becoming very popular I'm very exited to keep updating your program to the latest version and discover new possibilities. Thanks a lot for your work!

Vincent - 02 05 14 - 21:01

Thanks a lot for your work, effort and time spent on VirtualDub.
I'm not so familiar with video format but VirtualDub helped me many times in problem solving so as in learning\disocvering about the matter.
Thanks a lot again.

giuseppe - 09 05 14 - 02:06

VirtualDub is an amazing piece of software. A program of such capability and effectiveness in such a small package of code shows amazing skill and insight for a developer. Thank you for making this creation freely available to the world.

Wayne - 20 05 14 - 07:56

Thanks man.

johnnycoconut - 17 06 14 - 14:49

Hi ! I just downloaded 1.10.4 because I had hoped to de-interlace my HD videos taken at the RCMP Sunset Ceremony in Ottawa, Canada. Videos were saved as HD 1280x720 60 fps and YouTube recommended de-interlacing the file. I figured it might reduce the uploading time. Hence, my search and finding your utility. I got an error message the the file was not recognized and see no reference to MOV in your help. Just wondering why since you seem to support so many other file types.

D. Hansen - 25 06 14 - 20:47

@D Hansen 250614-20:47 Maybe you can you use FREEMAKE VIDEO CONVERTER(a freeware)to convert your .mov file for use in VD. Just a thought. Good luck.

Richard - 28 06 14 - 05:15

Monsieur, vous resterez à jamais dans l'histoire de l'informatique, hum, stop les grands discours :

Sir, you will stay for ever in the history of the computing, hem, stop the big speeches:



Sorry for my bad english spoken, i'm french.

MoiMême - 20 07 14 - 17:39

@D. Hansen:

MP4, MOV, etc can be opened just fine in VirtualDub using its DirectShow filter. When it comes to deinterlacing, I suggest you look into QTGMC AviSynth script and associated plugins necessary to use it including AviSynth MT version. It is a hassle to set everything up but you will be rewarded with great video quality.

Igor Levicki - 27 07 14 - 00:59

still gigantic stuff!

even so, in my opinion slowest Direct Stream cutting ever than versions less 1.10.

also always in full processing mode by default, why not remembering last mode?


Damian - 27 08 14 - 19:26

till gigantic stuff!

even so, in my opinion slowest Direct Stream cutting ever than versions less 1.10.

also always in full processing mode and uncompressed on startup.
why can't it keep the last chosen modes and filters?


Damian - 27 08 14 - 19:31

Great software, my wife often complaint to me on how she dont understand the movie due to language barrier. Now, thanks to you, i dont have to explain to her every time we watch movie together.

Greeting from Malaysia

Erwan - 20 09 14 - 00:24

Many thanks from Egypt. I play a lot with video and VirtualDub has been an essential and indispensable tool for me over the years. Time and time again I found myself using it to resolve problems I had with various other video editors/converters. even after I started using newer codecs and formats (other than AVI), VitualDub still is my main tool.

Thanks again for an awesome program.

Khaled - 11 11 14 - 05:11

Thank you for this amazing video tool. Keep up the good work. I use it for so many different things and keep coming back to it for new projects every few months!

Chris Baynes - 19 12 14 - 11:48


I believe I've got VitualDub on an old Windows 95 PC.

Your software is WELL appreciated.

Thanks for what it CAN do, what it WILL do, and what it DO do

You're a good guy, bro.

You're hired ! ;-)

Peace + Love

Dave - 15 01 15 - 12:09

Thanks so much for creating and maintaining this fantastic product. I have been using it for years.

David Hunt - 26 01 15 - 02:57

Any chance that you could add option to change the format you feed to external encoders? At the moment it's impossible to, for example, encode clip in RGB mode using external encoders. Also one needs to be a bit creative to get RGB source play nice since it seems to use Rec. 601.

Tup3x - 09 04 15 - 21:11

Hi, I found a bug in this 1.10.4 version
when I combine a movie (direct stream) with mp3 audio from other file (direct stream),
the file grows a lot
- Video: 1,4 GB
- Audio: 162 MB (192 kbps, 48 KHz, Lame 3.99, CBR)

The final output: 2,6 GB (this should be arround 1,5 GB)
The audio is grow more then the mp3 size

In the previous version (1.9.11) when I load Audio From Other File,
there is a popup asking me to chose Bit rate support,
but this is gone in 1.10.4, could this be the problem
(virtual dub failed to recognized the bit rate?)

But if I use full processing, and re-encode the audio, the file size is fine,
what could be the problem?

Andre - 15 06 15 - 04:33

I can't seem to use VirtualDub with Windows 10 properly anymore. Apparently it has something to do with the Video for Windows support in Windows 10 being broken, and some digging I've done seems to point to it being broken since 8. I can compress, but decompressing fails (ie VirtualDub complains that it can't find the FLV1 codec even with FFDShow-Tryouts and VfW support installed). That said, are there any plans to move VirtualDub forward, ie to use DirectShow for decoding/encoding instead?

David - 02 08 15 - 19:50

Hmm, I'll look into this. ffdshow VFW *does* work with VirtualDub in Windows 10, but it seems that some specific formats are not working. Interestingly they are working for encoding. I wonder if it might have to do with increased BITMAPINFOHEADER validation in the API -- some video codecs do some not quite kosher things with the format structures.

No on DirectShow. It's not designed for or suited to editing and tends to be unstable for anything other than streaming playback. I spent a lot of time working on a DirectShow input plugin, and there were lots of problems with decoders that didn't come close to doing precise seeking and had unstable buffering characteristics. The plugin's available if you want to try it, but it tends to have issues if you do edits. My assessment was that in order to get stable editing on top of DirectShow it would be necessary to rewrite the entire application including completely redoing both the audio and video filtering systems from fetch-based to stream-based. That's not going to happen.

Phaeron - 04 08 15 - 19:12

Alright, looked into it... at least with FFVH, ff_vfw.dll is getting loaded and the ICDecompressQuery() call is getting into it, but ffvfw is sending back ICERR_UNSUPPORTED back to VirtualDub. That's with a video file that was compressed by ffvfw and which decodes with the ffdshow DirectShow decoder. An additional bad sign is that the DirectShow VFW decoder is not able to negotiate a codec connection either. Both VirtualDub and DirectShow are able to use FFVFW for the FFV1 format. As far as I can tell the ICDecompress() call is just getting pushed into ff_vfw.dll straight without any modifications. If there is anything specific to Windows 8+ that is breaking this, it's pretty subtle and I can't see it. Probably need assistance looking from the ffvfw end to determine what's going on here.

Phaeron - 04 08 15 - 19:51

Installed Windows 10 last night. Now VD won't even start. Click on the .exe file and immediately an error message appears “An exception occurred in module 'VirtualDub'”. This happens every time I try to start VD. Can't save the dump either. I have copied all the program files from the expanded zip folder in case one had become corrupted, but to no avail. I hope this can be corrected as VD is a great program and I'd be lost without it! What further information do you need?

Bruce Hancock - 17 08 15 - 09:09

What version are you using? I assume you're using the 32-bit build. 1.9.11, 1.10.4, and 1.10.5-pre launch for me on Windows 10 64-bit. If you're using an older or unofficial version, please try the current official version.

If you can click Advanced on the crash dialog and have it work, can you check what is listed under CPU Registers on the right side for the line that begins with "EIP ="? I can use that to tell where the crash happened.

Also, try doing a clean start. Easiest way to do this is to create a shortcut to to the program and add /portable to the command-line, and then try launching from the shortcut. This will create a file called VirtualDub.ini that you can delete afterward.

Phaeron - 17 08 15 - 16:57

Thanks for your prompt reply. I'm using version 1.10.4. The EIP reference is 004cb6db. Tried your suggestion re clean start but that didn't achieve a positive result either.

Bruce Hancock - 18 08 15 - 11:37

1.10.4 will not open bmp's.
1.9.11 (and earlier versions) will open bmp's.
I just noticed this. It's not something I do very often.
And thanks for all your work. Been using VDub more than a decade.

VDub Driver - 20 08 15 - 17:56

Just want to know you have VirtualDub for the new Windows 10,I need to erase logos from my film and replace with updated logos???Which one compatible with Windows 10.....Thanks....?????

Steve - 16 10 15 - 07:09

I trying to use VirtualVub on Windows 10 with the Neat plugin, but the plugin is not showing in the plugin section of the application. I have tried the 32bit and 64bit versions, same issue?...any thoughts?

Ian - 25 10 15 - 05:11

...sorry about the spelling on the last post I meant VirtualDub :)

Ian - 25 10 15 - 05:14

ok, I've sorted it....Ian

Ian - 26 10 15 - 01:39

Is possible to handle multiple audio streams now just like VirtualDubMod?

ken - 26 10 15 - 07:20

Hi again.
Another minor misbehaviour/error in 1.10.4:
when using "Audio>Audio from other file" option the search window that opens has by default a file filter named "All Files" in the dropdown box "Files of type". But it's not the "proper" "All Files". It has a selection of file types in brackets none of which are audio files. You have to use the dropdown and select the "proper" "All Files" at the bottom of the list to see any audio files in whatever location you search in.

VDub Driver - 17 11 15 - 13:00

Virtualdub desighned too work with Windows 10 version 1511???? 64 bit XPS8900???

Steve - 09 01 16 - 19:10

Hey!?! Works for me too!!!

Parrish Seattle - 14 01 16 - 10:48

Hi Avery,
you wrote "my work on VirtualDub has been very slow, which I apologize for, but I'd like to thank everyone".... well, all i can say keep it up and i don't know what to do without VirtualDub, great Job ;)

But i noticed something: Sometimes i have to split large AVI's into 2 GB sequences so they fit on a Fat32 formatted Memory Card. In VirtualDub 1.10.4 it's a problem, because the output is not in it's original format (dvsd/mjpeg/hfyu) but uncompressed. In version 1.9 it was no problem and noticed it yesterday when i had to split a large AVI File to save it on a SD Card. I tried many things in VirtualDub 1.10.4 but nothing helped so i used a older version that kept the same codec for the split. You got any help on this ? Thanks in advance and again, thanks for VirtualDub ;)


Mickey - 26 01 16 - 09:03

Ok, I just downloaded and tried using Virtualdub for the first time on Windows 10. I have a Canopus ADVC 110 as my capture device going through a firewire connection. I am able to see the video, but most all the options that should come up in Virtualdub are no where to be found. It's as if something isn't being recognized and I have no ability for options on any of the tabs, nothing at bottom of screen, no details, etc. What could be causing this? Are there codecs missing that would allow all the options to show up? The audio comes through but you can hear a constant background 'beat' very low even when there should be silence. What is this? Thanks!

Lee - 28 02 16 - 09:17

I have a need to combine MP4 files but this software doesn't appear to accept this format. Is there any plan to include it?

patintexas - 21 03 16 - 03:59

where 2 get???bro

Muhammad Yasir (link) - 25 04 16 - 03:39

Awesome & amazing editor!

I have been using VirtualDub for ten years *too*.

Please, if *possible* :-) - add a minimalistic trim-end-of-MP4 support (lossless - directly stream-based - no-recompression needed), H.264-stream support would suffice. I need it very often... :-)

Oertonesinger - 09 07 16 - 21:16

PPS: Greetings from CZECH REPUBLIC! ;)

Oertonesinger - 09 07 16 - 21:19

Gosto de usar virtualdub (Brasil), mas, não se encontra mais extensão vdprof para ser usado nessa ultima versão 1.10.4, só se encontra a extensão vdf, que não é aceita nessa ultima versão do VirtuaLdUB, portanto, estou meio que debilitado para edição de video. Windows 10 64 bits

antonio - 03 08 16 - 15:52

thank you for your hard work. I just wanted to ask if you'll release also a version for win 10. thank you in advance

rei - 18 09 16 - 08:24

My favorite video editor discontinued?

And I see the last update was October 27, 2013.
I wish that someone could continue the development.

Ronny - 22 09 16 - 15:39

VirtualDub works fine on Windows 10. (I'm running the Anniversary Update myself.)

Phaeron - 22 09 16 - 15:48

Thank you so much for this great software. It is almost ten years than I and my twin brother are using VirtualDub. I tried many other alternatives for editing H264/mp4 files, but nothing satisfied me as I was satisfied with VirtualDub. I wish I could find the time to help the development of this wonderful software.

Everyone is mentioning his/her country, so I do it too :)
I am a programmer from Iran.

Mohammad Dehghan (link) - 27 09 16 - 08:21

First Thanks For this great piece of software. I have used the software years ago. I recently rediscovered it as i needed to append AVI segments recorded with a dv camera. The segments were prerecorded to avi and uncompressed.
However I need your help with something. I Appended segments and trimmed unwanted parts, selected direct stream copy for both audio and video. This resulted in perfect video but i am having audio issues. In some parts there are strange noise sounds lasting a second or less which are not present in the original footage. These sounds have a high pitch. I am not sure if there is a sync issue as the footage is of a football match, there isn't much talking.

I am From Malta

MGProg - 09 10 16 - 22:46

Dear Avery Lee and all VirtualDub users,

I've been using VirtualDub since 2000.

I'm so glad that Avery Lee "had too much free time in college" so that he created such a great software and presented it to the World as free and open-source. I'm pretty sure that most people handled their business thanks to it.

VirtualDub is the most precise and practical video editor in the world. VirtualDub is the one and only software that enables us to make transactions frame by frame easily. The preciseness and easiness presented by VirtualDub are out of question regarding AVIdemux and etc. With its plain and minimalistic interface, VirtualDub shows us how a computer software should be. I wish every single problem could be designed, written, coded as "lightweight" like VirtualDub.

I wish, Mr. Lee could be updated to VirtualDub, but one doesn't have time and energy for hobbies after finding a full-time job or growing old.

I must confess that I stopped using VirtualDub's last (1.10.5-test7) build by Avery Lee and begin to use VirtualDub-FilterMod which is a fork in development progress by Anton. I would recommend it to everyone.

Thank you Avery for VirtualDub. Also, thanks to Anton for VirtualDub-FilterMod.

Best Regards...

ilker tezcan

ilker tezcan - 20 10 16 - 18:08

Хорошая программа, много лет использую.
Но хотелось бы ещё и mp4

Юрий - 07 08 17 - 09:28

Good program, I use it for many years.
But I would also like mp4

Yuri - 07 08 17 - 09:28

Translated! - 08 08 17 - 10:09

Please merge dynamic crop as standard cropping tool in VirtualDub -

Oto (link) - 20 08 17 - 21:21

+1 for MP4

MP4 - 08 09 17 - 01:28

framerate errors when joining video clips.
ever have this kind error message from vdub:
cannot join because "file A" fps=25.0000 and "file B" fps=25.0001 (FFS!!!)
To FIX IT, when you save out your clips from vdub go to the framerate change dialog box and change it to 25.0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 etc (just hold down your finger on the "0" key for second. Now you won't get that stupid stupid stupid *&^!!@#@!!* error message.
(I've used 25fps as an example)
Another tip:
And use huffyuv codec for your lossless conversion and editing.

vdub driver - 21 11 17 - 17:30

HI and thanks for all the great work in Vdub. Like many others here I am a 10+ year user. So imagine my shock/horror when I tried the X264 and found problems.

It seems that playback with the ffdshow H264 codec (x264vfw ) introduces a 400ms sync error in play back. Or to be more precise, avi files (X264 codec, mp3 audio) that are in sync in VideoLan and Windows Media player are 400ms out of sync in Virtualdub. These videos were not compressed with Vdub (but since they play OK in other players I dont think compression is the problem)

Anyone know of workaround or another X264 codec that might not suffer this problem?
Thanks for any ideas

Win7 Ultimate with all updates
HP DV6 12 GB Ram

Sam - 27 12 17 - 09:50

PS sorry Forgot to say. Using x264vfw from Sourceforge libx264 core 152 r2581bm ba24899 build Jul 39 2017

Sam - 27 12 17 - 19:45

Does anyone know if virtualdub has scene detection and can split files as I upload VHS tapes into avi files?

Joe - 08 01 18 - 23:15

Dont know about scene detection - but many codecs effectively do this when the create certain types of frames - eg key frames and Vdub can skip form key frame to key frame.

it can certainly split avi files

Sam - 23 01 18 - 23:02

Hi !
as you've seen is that WE, everyone who's lucky to know your realy FREE, unpoluted and Wonderfull video editing software, THANK YOU !
I've just read a lot of comments (not all !) and for mylself I use it (also mod versions) since almost 17 years beginning with W98se till W7, and always found a way to obtain a relevant result for what I did want. Using Tvcard or Cam entry et and cut/merge records as well as reencode.
A Perfect soft in a "fragile" environment that is MS's OS, due to voluntary or undebugged limitations for codecs w/DirectShow resulting sometimes in hazardeous functionning and/or unstable or definitely crashes.

Now I'm a quite modeste IT french tech' working on support in a french university, and one teacher is asking for a good tool like yours, for a non commercial using ^^ .
So I've decided to see what was the latest build and here I am.

@everyone on W10 : in my opinion this soft wouldn't NATIVELY work, like many old good ones on this crapy OS because of the new way for Windows (10) to manage media in general. I've seen some (1 guy) said it works... maybe a temporarily bug on this (customized ?) build of W10, before the next that will replace things in Microsoft way, not yours ! Hate this way to unrespect users at this point...
well I'll try on my personnal W10 computers and at work too, and try to make a return on this.
And the first only solution I see would be a Virtual machine on Seven, hopefully ;-) because compatibility mode, since Vista to W10, never gived me a good result for some programs or games (Halo 1 works but not Halo 2...amazing no ? Microsoft it realy serious ? definitely.. No.)

VirtualDub is one of my 10 best ever free software and it should remain for a loooonng time.

Greatings from France (probably soon new fifa worldcup champion ;-) )

Gilles Busson

Gilles - 11 07 18 - 12:19

Please forgive my ignorance. I am old enough to remember when telephones had cranks, so tody's technology has surpassed me like a Ferrari passing a goat cart. My questions are as follows:
1. Will your VirtualDub pogram directly convert VCR footage to an AVI file for later compression or do I need a video capture device?
2. Does VirtualDub have a Linux version, and if so, how large is it? I am hoping to use the program on a Rhaspberry Pi, so I need to get a micro SD card big enough for your program and the Linux operating system. The corollary to this question is will VirtualDub work on a Rhaspberry Pi 3 Model B+?
Thank you for your kind attention to this matter. I anxiously await your reply.
Yours truly,
Bruce W. Roberts

Bruce W. Roberts - 28 07 18 - 05:49


Lepage - 26 03 20 - 08:09

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